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Whirl: Distressor (Ep, 2010)

Los sonidos que normalmente provienen de California no suelen ser los que habitualmente entendemos por estas latitudes como Shoegaze. Como está claro que cualquier generalización acarrea injusticias, aquí están Whirl para demostrarnos que no estamos en lo correcto. En California también se factura Shoegaze. Y del bueno, además. Influenciados por los gurús del género (MBV, Slowdive, Ride, Lush, Black Tambourine…), sin ocultar sus referencias, Whirl realizan una música honesta, sin tapujos, algo oscura pero intensa. Los muros de distorsión son constantes, sus letras son muy personales, y su sonido es bastante adictivo. Es uno de los debuts más prometedores de la temporada: en este Ep titulado Distressor (2010) han recopilado material que han ido componiendo durante su todavía corta existencia, y si su siguiente disco es la mitad de adictivo que éste, seguro que se convertirán en una de las bandas de referencia del Shoegaze para los próximos años. Leave, Sandy, Blue, Ghost, Child o especialmente Meaningless son temazos que hacen que Distressor sea devorado por nuestros oídos una y otra vez sin caer en la reiteración. Muy recomendable.

Whirl – Distressor (Ep, 2010)

“WHIRL is literally a brand new band. They’ve been a member on Myspace since January, and they made their first post on their Tumblr account about three months ago. Since opening all of these accounts, Whirl has been hard at work releasing their earliest material to share with us. Up until this point they’ve released a demo tape (which you can snag for a dirt-cheap $2.00!), and then their first full-length EP, entitled “Distressor”. They posted a link to download “Distressor” on their Tumblr page about two weeks ago, so you should definitely look into that. It’s 25 minutes of heavy, spaced out shoegaze music that’s meant to be played no other way but at excessively high volumes. You’ll figure that out pretty quickly too, as the guitars are almost always coming at your full force, like in the song “Child”, or in the melodic goodness of the track “Meaningless”.
When it comes to listening to their new EP, it doesn’t really take that long for it to sink in before you’re listening to songs over and over again. Like everything else out there, once it sinks in, it’s not an easy task to escape it. Songs like “Leave”, “Blue”, and “Meaningless” will keep you coming back for second and third listens, not to mention the entire EP itself. The songs are arranged very carefully, some playing into each other as seamlessly as possible, making this all hang together almost too perfectly. I don’t necessarily like to tell you guys when you’re going to like music, but I think I have to this time. It’s just so deliciously awesome and fresh that it’s kind of hard to ignore. Although this is pretty much getting their foot into the door of the music universe, I think it’s a safe bet to say that these guys are going to be moving on to bigger and better things very soon. Very ambitious, and certainly promising. Enjoy the songs, because I know I did!”

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