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Tim Kasher: Cold Love (Single, 2010)

Y seguimos por la senda del buen Power-Pop. El líder de Cursive, Tim Kasher, está a punto de facturar el que será su álbum de debut en solitario, The Game of Monogamy. Canciones enérgicas, cargadas de ironía, citas humorísticas y autobiográficas, y, por supuesto, relaciones humanas. Sus temas están grabados de forma casi directa, aunque la calidad de interpretación es muy interesante, y poseen unos arreglos de metales/orquestales impresionantes. A mí me suena bastante a lo que, por ejemplo, factura The Hi-Life Companion. Para comprobarlo, puedes pinchar el enlace y degustar este Cold Love, el cual puedes descargar de forma legal y gratuita.

Tim Kasher – Cold Love (Single, 2010)

“The Game Of Monogamy is more of an arranged record than any of Kasher’s past releases, filled with theatrical arrangements and lush instrumentation to create his own blend of classic pop. Ornamented with strings, harp, oboe, flute, and trombone, among other instruments, the songs vary in sound from vibrant and catchy (“Cold Love,” “I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Die Here”) to sweeping and grand (“No Fireworks,” “Monogamy”), and from hushed and spare (“Strays,” “The Prodigal Husband”), to urgent and fraught (“A Grown Man,” “Bad, Bad Dreams”). This moody orchestral pop evokes a 1950s-esque, conservative atmosphere, setting the stage for a dilemma that remains thoroughly modern. The protagonist’s arc in The Game of Monogamy spans the wide range of distinctly human emotions tangled up around relationships in a starched shirt society. Call it the score for our collective sexual plight: expression routinely becomes repression in the name of romance” (MySpace)

MySpace / Descarga legal gratuita-Free legal download

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