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Kitten: Big dope baby (Single, 2015)

“Kitten once again prove their versatility by pulling retro 80’s glam rock to 90’s punk influences, wrapping it all into one track and calling it “Big Dope Baby.”  Offering up plenty of grit and electric vocals, the new single delivers a serious punch. Justin L. Raisen and Jerry James collaborated with Kitten on this track, resulting in a heavier, more punk side of the band. Although “Big Dope Baby” is a departure from previous tracks such as “Sensible,” there is no mistaking whose vocals those are, ripping over power chords and some serious drums. Totally characteristic of any Kitten track, the listener is moved by it’s intensity, making you feel as if you are moshing right alongside the band. Lyrics such as “give me my cocaine, give me my drugs, united spender, I’m going under” as well as Chaidez’ frenzied repetition of “big dope baby” show that perhaps there is a darker side to Kitten that we have yet to see. And oh are we ready for it” (Press)


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