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80 (Sun): Noam (Ep, 2010)

noam EP Cover Art
Continuamos con la onda experimental y algo freakie con un combo llamado 80 (Sun). Se trata del proyecto de Jonathan Scherk (ex Flash Palace). Su música es absolutamente innovadora, mezcla de electrónica, ritmos sincopados, sonidos de sintetizadores expandiéndose continuamente, repeticiones… todo un experimento para oídos acostumbrados a estos tipos de paisajes electrónico-experimentales.

80 (Sun) – Noam (Ep, 2010)

“Lucid IDM dreams are channeled through the heavy lows of tape into sprawling landscapes. Juxtaposing electronic hi-fi frequencies against the depth of a reel to reel machine, 80(sun) allows his evocative beats, the warmth of a stolen synthesizer and the layer of human voice fall into place.
Side A is a swarming 30 minute journey of seamless sun burnt drone electronics.
Side B is a live performance of newly meditated material, in a now closed art gallery to a room of dubstep punks.
Available digitally as free download or in cassette of a limited run of 100 from Mayan Chorus Records” (Bandcamp)

MySpace / Descarga legal gratuita-Free legal download / Oír-Hear: Spinning bottle

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