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Soft Party – ANDY SHAUF: The Party (Anti, 2016)

The  Party

Conectado con la canción de autor y la renovación generalizada del sonido Folkie de los últimos tiempos, la música de Andy Shauf ha ido evolucionando paso a paso hasta llegar a este segundo trabajo titulado The Party, una especie de disco conceptual basado en las experiencias que cada uno de los invitados a una fiesta puede llegar a vivir.
Un disco calmado y pausado, de los de instrumentación silente, pianos, cuerdas y sensación de quietud. Si tus referentes son Steely Dan, Aimee Mann, Elliott Smith o Kings of ConvenienceThe Party es tu disco.
Me gustan: Twist your ankle, Quite like you, Begin again, The worst in you.

“The ten loosely conceptual vignettes revolve around the characters at a party, presumably in the microcosm of small-town Saskatchewan. As he displayed on his debut, Shauf has a knack for creating a lived-in, intimate world and his carefully constructed pop arrangements support his provincial narratives and observations. With the hushed darkness of Elliott Smith and the ornate sophistication of the High Llamas, he unfurls tales of jealousy, drunken confessions, humiliations, and burdensome early arrivals. The production is meticulously crafted and strangely dry, with paper-thin drums that pop as lightly as plucked guitar strings and warm clarinet stacks weaving in and out. While there are definitely standouts, like the elegant opener “The Magician” and the jangling “The Worst in You,” The Party requires the patience to be digested in its full form. In terms of craft and vision, Shauf has got both in spades, and while stylistically similar to his debut, he’s made adjustments and broken new ground here as well. His idiosyncratic, mumbled vocal delivery might occasionally make understanding the lyrics a bit of a challenge, but it’s also one of his unique distinctions and with The Party, he’s added another strong outing to his canon” (All Music)

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