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Cloakroom: Further out (Run for Cover Records, 2015)

Densidad guitarrera, riffs pesados y pedales de overdrive a muy alto volumen. A grandes rasgos, es la esencia del sonido de este trío de Boston que se hace llamar Cloakroom. Si quieres encontrar sus influencias, puedes encontrarlas en el Emo o en el Slowcore. Ellos mismos se han autodefinido como “stoner emo“. Escúchalos y juzga por ti mismo…

“(…) Most likely, it’s himself, but his lethargic delivery becomes a part of the hook: on “Asymmetrical”, Martin describes suburban, drunken intransigence as a night out where he, “Took a long drive/ Got a few dents/ Told a couple jokes at your expense”; the major-key melody appears to be mocking the target, as Martin’s words drip with both dejection and derision, a perfect match of content and delivery.
Cloakroom once described themselves as “stoner emo” as a joke and they’ll probably spend the rest of their career getting shit for it. It’s clearly meant as a joke, the punchline being the obvious incompatibility of its two parts. The latter is defined by anxious rhythms, a tenuous connection to straight edge, brazen, high-register melodies and a desperate desire for human connection amidst a litany of misunderstanding and communication failures. Meanwhile, a band named Sleep made one of stoner rock’s formative documents, which just so happens to be called Dopesmoker and sounds exactly like what you think it does. To the extent that their turbid, somewhat timid debut EP Infinity couldn’t achieve, Further Out presents those genres existing as a continuum rather than in conflict: Cloakroom are driven by a distinct Midwestern despair and disillusion, they just don’t make music that reflects it. Instead, they hit a very specific catharsis wrung from exhaustion; at a certain point, you’ve earned your place on the couch after a hard day at the factory, the office, or just enduring a line at the grocery store, and you figure you may as well just spark up and crank up the amps” (Pitchfork)

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