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This Vision: Hungry heart (Video-Single, 2013)

Tiene todos los componentes que cualquier amante del ElectroPop puede amar en cualquier tema: legión de sintetizadores, limpieza general en su sonido y un estribillo altamente adictivo y adherente… Los suecos This Vision presentan este Hungry heart, su último sencillo.
This time around This Vision has moved towards warmer grounds, with the melancholy and the lyrics about a lost world still up front.The fear of getting old and of having to let go of everythng that really is has been and will continue to be the band’s trademark expression. We’ll find ourselves somewhere in between the electronic explosion of the eighties and a future kind of disco with precision. It’s cold as ice and warm in turns. Lonely and homegrown” (Press)

Facebook / Birds Will Sing for You

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