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Peter Kernel: Black death and white heart (2011)

White Death & Black Heart Cover Art

Peter Kernel es un trío formado a medias entre Canadá y Suiza. Musicalmente hablando, se mueven entre el Rock más primitivo y el Post-Punk. Entre el Bluesy y el Rock más experimental. En sus propias palabras:
Peter Kernel play music anyone can play in an attempt to’ satisfy man’s basic human instinct: a beat, something loud and a few words. Primary rock
Unas escuchas atentas a su disco nos demuestra que se trata de un álbum en el que domina el eclecticismo, como decimos, entre el Rock más primitivo (Panico! This is love,; Make, love, choose, take) y el toque más experimental, cercano a gentes como Sonic Youth (The peaceful, Hello my friend; Organizing, optimizing time). Una obra un tanto desconcertante y que requiere varias escuchas, pero del que puedes extraer momentos interesantes.

Peter Kernel – Black death and white heart (2011)

“The band Peter Kernel is an eclectic trio, rooting itself in Switzerland and Canada and not only music, but art, film and… well, the book seems pretty open.
Originating out of a need to create music for an experimental film directed by bassist and vocalist Barbara Lehnhoff  in 2005, Peter Kernel take Sonic Youth‘s best years and put them with Blonde Redhead circa the 90′s. Lehnhoff, a young Kim Gordon: a smart woman running around in the rock ‘n’ roll world, making it happen with film, with music, with people, with anything she can wrap her mind around. She’s got a charisma that is enchanting, to say the least (watch any of their videos!) and I want to be around her. All. The. Time.
All your favorite parts of “EVOL” and “In an Expression of the Inexpressible” are here, yet, as with the two indie supergroups previously mentioned, they pack a mean pop melody and every so often it rears its head – that’s why it all works. You have the art-punk elements, but you also have the sweetness of core pop music. The single of “Anthem of Hearts” off their upcoming release “White Death & Black Heart” (October 3rd on Africantape / On The Camperis a good intro to the band with a primitive opening that becomes textured and only touches on the surface what the group is capable of.
I love the mix of spoken word with the lonely, loud guitar, defiant. The song “Africa” in particular really got me hooked: the call-and-response of guitarist Aris Bassetti’s male vocals are a nice interruption to Lehnhoff’s deadpan chanting. The instruments play to serve whatever idea or idea of a sound they are aspiring to. You can hear that, truly.
I have to admit, I was tickled pink when I saw the press release list their other hobbies/professions in the same parentheses as their roles in the band: Bassetti, graphic designer; Lehnhoff, filmmaker; and Ema Matis, drums AND drummer. You can definitely see how this not only serves the group practically, but also the idea of  it. Peter Kernel was born out of the need to express an idea that could only be expressed in this particular medium.
That’s the way that art should be utilized: specifically. The group feels fluid in their capabilities.
Their song “Hello my friend” starts with the guitar being tuned into place with the rest of the  song – I think that’s a good summation of this band’s aesthetic in general: it’s a process and we are witnesses. If it’s not the process though, then they are doing a really phenomenal job of fabricating something organic” (

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