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Spectral Fangs: Memory girl (Ep, Obscure Me Records, 2014)

Formados originariamente como una banda de garaje, Spectral Fangs han evolucionado su sonido hacia un crisol de sonidos más elaborados, una cierta riqueza musical expresada en medios tiempos como el titular del disco, You´re watching the decline o Throw your tears, de sabor más garajero.

Spectral Fangs’ influences range from The Shins and Belle and Sebastian to Elvis Costello, Dinosaur Jr., The dBs and The Pixies. This reflects only a sliver of the vast music catalogue galvanizing the band—and the many projects that each Fang has embarked upon since they were teenagers growing up in the Tri-State Area. 
For more than a decade prior to becoming Spectral Fangs, Joe, Tony and Jared participated in Connecticut’s indie music scene, driving jangly, guitar-focused garage bands like The Saltwater Swells, JFK and The Field Recordings. This sound represented a logical progression from the frenetic punk rock urgency of their earliest band years, when they played New York City dives, famous Connecticut clubs and teen centers. 
With The Spectral Fangs EP, the band has produced songs that stay under your skin, tapping into wells made deep from playing and distilling the best of their influences” (Press)

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