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The Haiduks & Einar Jullum: A fair pair (Kinnta Records, 2013)

A Fair Pair cover art

“Double the albums, double the fun!  Kinnta Records is excited to release this two-for-one cassette of the Haiduks sunshine pop neo-classic 1968 and Einar Jullum’s Osloenser-blues album Hjerteknuser- og andre blues.  1968 pays homage the all of the classic pop touchstones of that heady decade, from primordial prog to the sunniest of San Francisco afternoons.  It’s an industrial-strength mood lifter. Like a horse-tranquilized Neu! on a Muddy Waters kick, Jullum’s nordic ruminations will leave you entranced, relaxed and feelin’ plenty alright” (Press)

Cómpralo-Purchase / Kinnta Records

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