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Fenech-Soler: Last forever (The Chainsmokers Remix, 2013)

The story behind this track is simple actually, we came across Fenech-Soler because of their first single ‘Magnetic’ and we reached out with interest in remixing it a long while ago, but we were too late to the table and the song was remix maxxed out… but they were kind enough to offer us an opportunity to remix their next single ‘Last Forever.’ They sent it over and we immediately connected with the song. It had this infectious synth-pop feel with a seriously catchy hook which everyone loves. It just felt like Phoenix crossed with the band Is Tropical, but we knew it would be a challenge transforming this tune into a dance song due to its speed. Coincidentally, we had been playing around with this particular chord progression we loved for a while but were having trouble finding a vocal to match the lightness of it, and when they two came together it just felt right…”

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The Chainsmokers: Erase / The rookie (Originals, 2013)

Let´s go dancing!!


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