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Navegando por aguas Psicodélicas. SONS OF THE VOID: Sons of the Void (Sunrise Ocean Bender, 2016)

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A veces me recuerdan a Olivia Tremor Control, otras se me van más hacia el lado más stoner, a veces giran hacia The Brian Jonestown Massacre… Lo cierto es que Sons of the Void navegan más que a gusto por ese Pop-Psicodélico que tanto nos emociona.

“Sons Of The Void provides a welcome antidote to the crushing weight of drone and stoner-rock that constitutes so much of the psychedelic listening experience these days. By turns playful, inventive and melodic … sparkling arrangements pitched somewhere between latter-day Fabs and a slightly unhinged Byrds. … an impressive collection of tunes delivered with deftness of touch and more than a few neat hooks. We need more of this, really we do” (Shindig! Magazine)


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