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And The Relatives: Green Machinery (2010)

Rastreando un single de la banda de Nashville And The Relatives, nos hemos encontrado con que tienen un Bandcamp en el que ofrecen todo su material a disposición de quien lo requiera, poniendo tú mismo el precio. Ya sabes, esa sabia iniciativa de internet para bandas noveles (no es el caso) que quieren un método directo, sencillo y eficaz para promocionar su música. And The Relatives son una banda con un cierto recorrido que se han grabado este Green Machinery, un álbum en el que sacan a relucir su energía Indie y su gusto por bandas como Spoon, The Shins, Guided by Voices o Pavement. Os lo dejo en la agenda del fin de semana para que tengáis algo que grabar en vuestros maravillosos Mp4´s que seguramente os habrán dejado los Reyes Magos.

And The Relatives – Green Machinery (2010)

“Knowing what Nashville can offer, I can imagine the type of music-obsessed audiophiles that Nashville must breed: folks like Andrew Brassell, Patrick Rodgers, and Eli Beaird. The trio make up Nashville’s And The Relatives, a band that openly pays respects to their influences, but that doesn’t fail to craft something excitingly new at the same time.  Indeed, it takes only a brief listen to realize that And The Relatives debut full length, Green Machinery, is a definitely one of 2010′s most-overlooked gems.  The songwriting is spontaneous and adventurous reflecting serpentine melodies built around cascading waves of barbed, shimmering guitar riffs and elastic, rhythmic bass lines that effortlessly mutate from verse to verse and song to song.  And although their apparent influences are hardly diverse – The Velvet Underground, Pavement, The Walkmen, Guided By Voices, Spoon – they find that common thread and weave it into something unique and catchy they can call their own (just as their influences had once done themselves).  The track “Fourth Rate” is a perfect example: it is crisp and punchy with spindly guitar riffs grafted to a clean melody with a hook to kill for: “You were never my baby / just a fourth rate love affair.”  Another highlight, “Regal Son,” is warm, but darkly atmospheric, featuring waves of moody, shimmering guitar and vocals that range from smokey and sinister to aggressive and throat-shreddingly intense.  And while those are two highlights, the whole album is wonderfully solid and ready to satisfy your itch for good rock ‘n roll.  Green Machinery is available on extremely limited edition vinyl (only 100 copies!) with a free digital download of the entire album for a mere $10 (you’d pay the same for just the digital download on iTunes) – get it from their bandcamp page before it is long gone” (

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