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Aurora – LAMAGAIA: Lamagaia (2017)

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Desarrollos e improvisaciones dentro de un amplio marco que abarcaría el Shoegaze, el Space-Rock y algunos vientos jazzísticos.

“Sophomore full length from Sweden psychsters features 35 minutes of brain-crushing, throbbing deliciousness split across two sidelong tracks. ‘Aurora’ pummels forth like that proverbial train that kept a-rollin’ down the line, awash with fuzz-frying, dive-bombing guitar, stutter-stepping drums, and head-throbbing basslines. … ‘Paronama Vju’, a veritable somnambulistic trudge through the Milky Way on a cloud of stardust. … It’s like a Quicksilver-meets-Grateful Dead jam…on steroids. Just sit back and enjoy the trip” (It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine)


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