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Milked – CHEMTRAILS: Calf of the Sacred Cow (PNKSLM Records, 2018)

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Calf of the Sacred CowCHEMTRAILS son una banda del área de Londres especializada en sacarle aristas a ese sonido tan cercano al Brit más tardío como al Neo-Glam más petardo. Utilizan una estética un tanto kitsch y su sonido, como decimos, lo mismo nos puede evocar a los B-52´s pasados por la turmix eléctrica como a Thee Oh Sees travestidos de The Cramps pero desde una perspectiva Pop. Una divertida mezcla sonora que seguro tendrá continuidad.

“Following two EPs that introduced the London quintet’s shimmery, churning noise-pop, Calf of the Sacred Cow marks the full-length debut of Chemtrails. Like its predecessors, it was recorded in the living room of singer/songwriter/guitarist Mia Lust and singer/guitarist Laura Orlova and seems to embrace rough edges, in terms of performance style as well as production sound. Sometimes presenting a grungy garage rock, and sometimes taking on more of a strutting glam or bratty punk persona, they carve a central path with melodic and harmonic hooks. On the band’s 2017 EP Headless Pin Up Girl, Lust openly addressed life as a transgender woman, which also informs Calf of the Sacred Cow. Throughout, its lyrics reflect high levels of perceptiveness, jadedness, and gumption, delivering rhymes like “heroin” and “hero in” with a wink and an eyeroll. With twangy guitars and humming organ, the sauntering “Lizard Empire” imagines a transfer of power with reference to “another reptile in the headlights.” Later, with Orlova’s vocal almost buried in echo, “Ghosts of My Dead Cats” has a seemingly sardonic, poppy keyboard motif, horns, and bright harmonies. It takes a spooky turn replete with wind effects midway through, setting up a cat rant by Lust. Parts grimy rock record, catchy retro-pop record, and murky demo, Chemtrails sound like a work in progress here, but one with a solid base of songs and an intangible spark” (All Music)

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