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Workers: Workers (2009), Bleeding Death Records

El trío de Louisville Workers edita en estos días su tercer larga duración, Workers (2009); en él la banda se recrea en ofrecernos un recorrido por los sonidos que recrean su visión del rock de los ochenta (Trinidad y Tobago, Spark, Circulation); o esa visión del sonido ochentero con un concepto más cercano al Grunge (Revolution, Go, Invitation, Human resources). Digamos que no es este Workers un disco precisamente innovador, por ésto que acabamos de decir: demasiada reiteración en un mismo tipo de sonidos. Tan sólo encontramos en el álbum un par de temas destacados, en los que justamente se apartan de esas sonoridades: French figure 8, que es un enérgico tema de Power-Pop con riffs y guitarrazos cercanos al Noise; y Funeral, un extenso tema de oscura letra que sí que podríamos encajar perfectamente en una onda Noise-Pop. Definitivamente, de un trabajo un tanto cercano al tedio del que sólo se salvan dos temas, creo que podríamos opinar que es claramente prescindible.

“The Louisville, Ky., trio makes lush, atmospheric music that washes over you, pounding your chest and overwhelming your senses with searing guitars, pulsing bass and crackling drums. The lyrics are dark and tangled, the melodies cresting and crashing. You draw comparisons to everything from The Jesus and Mary Chain, Swervedriver, Ride, Pelican, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Clouds, ‘Bends’-era Radiohead to The Secret Machines before determining that Workers‘ music is an experience unto itself. It’s epic indie rock with big, hairy balls (…) Workers were formed in 2001 under the name Your Black Star, they ventured to Japan in 2006, where they quickly developed an unlikely connection with rock-starved fans. Tours of Australia and New Zealand provoked a similar reaction, as well as positive international press, and numerous spins on the influential BBC where they were campioned by Steve Lamacq. Overseas buzz led to deals with labels in Japan, England and Australia, as well as a UK tour with indie darlings the New Pornographers. Sound from the Ground, the band’s American debut, won critical acclaim stateside, tagging Your Black Star with the weighty “next big thing” label, but the band was still a bit of a mystery back home. Seeing this as less a problem than an opportunity, Johnson, Osborn and Duggins spent the better part of the past three years on a rampaging tour through the States, playing in the esteemed South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin and the CMJ Festival in New York. Expectations can stifle a band, but the trio confronted them head on.” (Nota de su MySpace)

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