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The Skygreen Leopards: Family crimes (Woodsist, 2014)


El Folk, el Jangle y el Pop cristalino son los protagonistas del último lanzamiento de los californianos The Skygreen Leopards.

“(…) Some of the internal references on Family Crimes feel like hyperlinks. “Leave the Family”—a gorgeous splay of Crayola colors and therapeutic jangle—is later reincarnated as “Leave the Family Reprise”, a sloth-paced coda that acts more as a balm than a parting shot. And when the la-la-la-happy “Josephine” segues into “Mascara Priscilla”, it’s as if they’re flip sides of the same conflicted character. “I’m all right with the Christian life,” goes a line in “Mascara Priscilla”, and the reference to the Byrds’ cover of The Louvin Brothers’ “The Christian Life” feels less like a wink and more like a solemn nod.
Nebulous Christian themes have popped up before in the Skygreen Leopards’ songbook, and Family Crimes is no different. “Suburban Bibles” is so mumbly and bright-eyed, it might as well be a sing-song lullaby for Sunday school naptime. “Selling T-Shirts” even veers into the realm of Jonathan Richman with its chiming strum and the mundane juvenilia of lines like, “Drop me off at the shopping center.” Granted, the phrase “Quaalude rapture” is also bandied about; the pharmaceutical-friendly Skygreen Leopards of old still make their presence known, just more subtly and wryly. Quinn and Donaldson may be getting somewhat longer in the tooth, but they’re sounding younger. And whatever darkness lurks within Family Crimes is swallowed back down with a wise, dreamy smile” (Pitchfork)

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