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Inca Gold: Inca gold (Ep, 2011)

Inca Gold Cover Art

Lo primero que llama la atención tras la primera audición del Ep de debut de Inca Gold, titulado como ellos mismos, es que ninguno de los cuatro temas se parece a otro. Es algo así como una búsqueda intencionada de la diversidad estilística, quizás quién sabe si en búsqueda también de un estilo definido. Inca Gold se mueven en los parámetros del Shoegaze con tintes más Psicodélicos (All the very best), aunque no hacen ascos a la influencia del Manchester de los primeros noventa (Holy buzzer!), o a las tonalidades más cercanas al Post-Rock (It´s happening again). Inca Gold han prometido una trilogía de discos para este 2011. Con este Inca Gold-Ep ya han dado el primer paso.

Inca Gold – Inca Gold (Ep, 2011)

“If there’s any two genres of music that push my buttons at the moment it’s psychedelia and shoegaze. It’s very easy to see why therefore, I was charged with reviewing the debut self-titled release of ‘Inca Gold’.
Inca Gold formed in late 2010 and have been gathering a lot of support from their live shows and early demos, and if this first EP (The first installment in a planned triptych to be released over 2011) is anything to go by, then it’s very easy to see why. This is beautifully made, dreamy, synth-laden psychedelia at its best. Inca Gold should sit MGMT down and give them a master-class in how to do this kinda thing. To describe the sound they elicit is difficult, but it brings to mind a low-fi, Analouge Radiohead jamming with the Deftones. The EP is fantastic, and I really can’t recommend it strongly enough. Treat yourself to a copy of it. It’s lavish, deep and gorgeous in it’s sound.
The band intend for the second installment of their cinematic opus to be released sometime mid June, and I eagerly anticipate it’s release. As should you. Because put simply, their output is mind-bendingly wonderful” (

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