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Death Valley Rally: The Stars Shine Brighter After Midnight (Planting Seeds Records, 2014)

De una manera semejante a lo que hicieron Yuck, Death Valley Rally han hecho de los noventa su caldo de cultivo para fijar su punto de mira y sus referencias sonoras. Guitarras y melodías. Así de sencillo.

It doesn’t seem that long ago when bands like The Lilys, Velocity Girl, The Ropers, Unrest, and the labels Slumberland and Teenbeat Records were showcasing some great indiepop/shoegaze from the Virginia and Washington DC areas. Those key players along with others, no doubt influenced a generation of future musicians. Not surprisingly – Norfolk, VA/ Washington DC based quartet Death Valley Rally – blasts onto the scene with their unique, highly infectious brand of noise pop recalling the classic sounds of those very roots – infusing it with vibrant doses of heavy reverb driven melodic perfection, geared for the 21st Century and beyond. Formed in early March 2010, members include Ralph Bautista (guitar and vocals), Tiffany Riley (guitar, vocals, and keyboards), and Robin Baker (bass). The later addition of Josh Kufleitner (drums) solidified the band’s lineup. Death Valley Rally’s fantastic debut EP “The Stars Shine Brighter After Midnight” (PSRCD088) hits record store shelves and digital download outlets worldwide on August 27, 2013. The release was mastered by the great Jon Chaikin (The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Black Tambourine, Radio Dept. etc) and is sure to delight indiepop fans the world over. 
“The Stars Shine Brighter After Midnight” immediately takes shape with the EP’s first single – “Come On”. On first listen, you’ll feel the pure adrenaline rush with its rock n roll rhythms and ultra-catchy refrain of “Come on, Come on, let’s find a way/Come on Come on let’s find a way out of here”. Bassist Robin Baker gives her take on the band’s sound: “a contradiction of sorts, full of endearing melodies interspersed with bouts of distortion/feedback, manifesting a raw energy which is offset with a delicate tranquility” – that description shines clearly throughout the band’s six song EP. “Your Frequency Doesn’t Matter”, glides along with its slowcore/blissed-out melodic swells and wall of sound textures – while “I See You Clearly Now” (with lead vocals from guitarist Tiffany Riley) grooves in and out with its fuzz /bass driven sonic assault. “Stop And Go”, “Farewell”, and the synth-led “One Night In Vienna“- spotlight more of the band’s knack for writing hook layered gems that pack a powerful punch. It’s a most inviting experience, one guaranteed for repeated listens. 
Death Valley Rally has continued to perform at various festivals and venues in the Washington D.C. and Hampton Roads, Virginia area. They have already played in support of indie favorites Dead Leaf Echo, The Foreign Resort, among many others. The band recently, shared the stage with MTV’s “Fresh New Artist”, Hank and Cupcakes at the famed Jewish Mother, in Virginia Beach. A tour of the East Coast in support of the EP is in the works. And so the rally begins…” (Bandcamp)

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