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Boom!: Get a grip (Gnar Tapes, 2013)

Get A Grip cover art

Interesante propuesta de Pop con acné: unos chicos cogen sus guitarras y facturan un trabajo donde la diversión, el garaje, el espíritu playero, los buenos estribillos son los protagonistas. Ah, y todo grabado en bajas revoluciones.

The brand new album by Portland’s best kept secret! BOOM! is the brainchild of Izak Arida (also of beloved stoner pop boy band The Memories) and Chris Scott (also of legendary surf party renegades Guantanamo Baywatch), two childhood friends who moved together to Portland, OR from the burnt out badlands of SoCal’s Inland Empire. Pop punk has long been used for foul deeds but BOOM! is here to bring the party back. If you’ve ever crashed a house party, bombed a hill on a skateboard, shotgunned a beer on a porch, made out with a stranger in a van, woke up in a front lawn, crowd surfed at a basement show, puked on the floor, laughed til you cried, or if you love it when the punk POPS then this tape is your new best friend” (Gnar Tapes)

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