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All in the Golden Afternoon: Magic lighthouse on the infinite sea (2011)

Otro de los discos que he descubierto este año en ese gran blog que es Amor Louco es este segundo álbum de All in the Golden Afternoon: Magic lighthouse on the infinite sea (2011). En realidad, All in the Golden Afternoon más que una banda en sí es un proyecto formado por Rachel Staggs y Carlos Jackson, un matrimonio procedente de Austin, Texas, y militantes en bandas como Experimental Aircraft y Poliphonic Spree. Se trata de un disco bastante efectista, en tanto que representa la facción más Psicodélica del Shoegaze, dotándole además de un manto sonoro inmaculado de Noise de ese que nunca molesta a tus oídos, calculado y controlado al máximo (Tidal wave, Up all night, In a box). Cada detalle de este disco está matemáticamente calculado para que nada quede al azar. Un viaje alucinante a través de sonoridades poco habituales (el Theremin de 30th and Sanchez, por ejemplo), reverberaciones, repeticiones (Advice from a caterpillar, Gulf coast highway), efectos (Less and less) y bases electrónicas. Las comparaciones con otros grupos formados por parejas son inevitables: Damon and Naomi, Magic Hour, Mazzy StarDan and Britta, lo que demuestra que la fórmula continúa funcionando, si bien All in the Golden Afternoon tienen su propia personalidad. Insisto, un disco que se expande a cada escucha y que merece la pena descubrir.

All in the Golden Afternoon – Magic lighthouse on the infinite sea (2011)

“Named after a poem from the trippiest of children’s books, Lewis Carroll’s “Alice In Wonderland”, husband and wife duo Carlos Jackson and Rachel Staggs specialise in lo-fi, deceptively innocent sounding dream pop but which on this outing at least displays both an edge and a creative maturity which ensures it never sounds twee.
Ranging from instrumentals like “Advice From A Caterpillar” and “The Pool of Tears”, the woozy acid pop of “In A Box” – which sounds like a slowed down and deconstructed outtake from Hawkwind’s “Hall of Mountain Grill” – delightful, semi-sweet shoegaze vignettes and the hypno-tronic, download–only closer “Up All Night – Western Arms Remix”, Magic Lighthouse on the Infinite Sea is bound to draw at least superficial comparison with the likes of Mazzy Star, Damon and Naomi, even latter day Broadcast. However, make no mistake, this has both an instant and enduring charm of its own and stands favourable comparison with any of the “peer group”.
Other than the quality of the music, the reason why this works well is pacing. Aside from the deliciously ethereal eight minute, “30th and Sanchez” (featuring some serious Theramin action courtesy of Octopus Project’s Yvonne Lambert) only the aforementioned “Up All Night…” clocks in at more than 5 minutes. In fact, most of the rest barely touches half of that. Whilst those who consider the world to have started and ended with side-long slow burners may be tempted to feel short changed at this point, bear in mind that this sort of format doesn’t allow for much latitude as a result of which it would be easy for this to quickly become a boring retread of itself. In this case, less really is more and it is to Jackson and Staggs’ credit that that they are able to keep proceedings so fresh and interesting throughout.
The verdict? Well, Magic Lighthouse on the Infinite Sea is pleasingly poptastic in a way that goes straight to your psychedelic psunspot (and in a way that shouts “silly grin alert”). Great cover from the inimitable Iker Spozio, too” (Facebook)

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