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Resistiré – LA Font: Can´t be beat (New Professor Music, Single, 2017)

“Drawing from the best of 90s alt-rock (a la Weezer or Pavement), ‘Can’t Be Beat’ has a cast of characters, whose stories are told with a knowing wink over driving guitars.” (All Things Go)


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LA Font: Outside (Fleeting Youth Records, Single, 2015)

Oyendo los primeros acordes y el hook de este Outside, el último sencillo de LA Font, me acordé inmediatamente de algunos temas de White Stripes. Afortunadamente, los angelinos (que presentan nuevo trabajo el 23 de Abril) son menos viscerales y mucho más divertidos que aquellos…

“As one of the west coast’s most underrated bands, you can always count on LA Font to deliver a record full of catchy hooks, witty songwriting, and smartly constructed pop. According to lead singer Danny Bobbe, “Hangtime’s a record about not waiting around for something to happen. It’s about putting in work, kicking it out, washing your hands and starting again. Take the best part of a lemon meringue pie (the meringue) and a Dodger Dog (the Dodgers) and that’s Hangtime Vol. 1.”  (Press)


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LA Font: Pretty in love (Single, 2014)

“Combining arching guitars, infectious arrangements, danceable bass lines, and lead singer Danny Bobbe’s distinct vocals, Los Angeles-based foursome LA Font craft intriguing pop songs that stick to the brain.
Case in point is “Pretty In Love,” a signature LA Font ear worm full of punchy guitars and drums, an infectious OooOoOoh-laced chorus, and Danny Bobbe’s signature snotty snarl about how he “ain’t a bad guy, though [he] fucked up your life”.


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