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Sholi: Sholi (2009), Quarterstick

Álbum de debut para este trío multirracial afincado en San Francisco que se mueve en aguas densas, intrincadas, llamémosle Avant-Rock, Post-Rock o Emo, como queráis. Largos desarrollos instrumentales, medios tiempos, y ciertas deconstrucciones. Nos sobrepasa un poco este estilo, pero le damos espacio igualmente.
“With a delicate balance of intricate rhythms, impressive musicianship, and intimate, impressionistic lyrics, Sholi creates a unique blend of reposeful melody and turbulent measure unlike any other. The band has recently finished recording their debut self-titled LP with Greg Saunier of Deerhoof. Attention-getting musicianship, with a drummer that knows when to hold back and when to unleash a busy, all-encompassing percussive racket, a strong and versatile singer in guitarist Payam Bavafa, and overall, the taste to discern what to do and when…indie rock truisms, a la the Walkmen, and a traditional side to handle the ethnic material like Morricone might have, with a lot of instrumental flash and a noble, heads-up presence.” (Dusted Magazine)

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