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Pethau Garw: Diolch am y croeso cynnes (2015)

El galés Ash Cooke (aka. Pulco), además de editar infinidad de álbumes y Ep´s autoeditados, nos presenta este proyecto paralelo, donde da rienda suelta a su creatividad en forma en este caso de Pop cercano a la Electrónica más experimental, el Spectrum o el Collage.

“With the new release ‘diolch am y croeso cynnes‘ (most of the song titles are welsh as well), ash seems to be exploring his interest in nurse with wound style industrial noise experimentation and the influences of the many artists on their infamous list. ‘diolch am y croeso cynnes‘ contains sound collage compositions made from field recordings, samples, prepared guitars, and other archaic implements. the classic dial-up modem sound makes an appearance, which upon reflection i realize some MFOA readers might never have heard in it’s original context” (The Modern Folk Music of America)


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