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Anomie: Anomie (Ep, Father/Daughter Records, 2015)

Solo jams recorded with friends“. Así de escueta y sencilla se muestra Rachel Browne para definir su sonido: influencias noventeras del College Rock, del Indie más guitarrero y, por qué no, del Riot Grrrl. Su música tiene tanto de emocional como de rebelde. Para amantes de Black Babies, Throwing Muses, Breeders

“Anomie is the solo moniker of Philadelphia, PA-based Rachel Browne, current Field Mouse vocalist/guitarist and forever alt-pop songstress. The four songs on Anomie’s self-titled EP, available February 10, 2015 (Father/Daughter Records) were written in California over the span of a week where Rachel escaped to think during a difficult time. What emerged was a time capsule for the experience — the music functioning as a therapeutic means to alleviate the heartache Rachel felt in the moment” (Bandcamp)

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