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Brundlefly and the Swede: Cabin music (Single, 2013)

Si he de seros sincero, nunca he entendido algunas etiquetas como Folktrónica, o Freak-Folk. Sí entendí qué es el Folk y qué es la electrónica, pero si he de creer que ambos géneros son fusionables, supongo que la música de Brundlefly and the Swede es el mejor ejemplo.

Brundlefly and the Swede‘s instrumental cut “Cabin Music” is easeful, lovely, emotionally uncomplicated, sonically rich instrumental music. It’s post-rock for fly-fishing videos. The center of the track comes from gorgeously recorded finger-picked acoustic guitars, and everything around it– a rustic violin, deft, light drum fills, soft-lit synths panning left and right, — are sparkling and sentimental in the best tradition of effervescent Chicago post-rock groups like the Sea and Cake. This four-minute selection, taken from the longer twelve-minute side B of Cabin Music, comes daringly close to “Thick as a Brick” territory, broadcasting straight out of some halcyon autumn at a fictional New England prep school” (Pitchfork)


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