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E*Rock: The great underground empire (Gnar Tapes, 2013)

The Great Underground Empire cover artE*Rock is a bit of a legend, and not just in Portland, Oregon where he has been a valuable artistic and musical asset to the city for years and years. His list of deeds and accomplishments is long and impressive; from his work with Collective Jyrk alongside noise gods Yellow Swans, to his music video work with Wyld File alongside Paper Rad founder Ben Jones (which produced animated videos for Beck, The Gossip, and Islands), to his top-notch experimental music label Audio Dregs (and its dance oriented sub-label Fryk Beat), to his work with his brother E*Vax (who is also in famed dance rockers Ratatat), to his beloved and well-attended weirdo dance parties, his electronic psych band Regular Music, his zines, shirts, etc. He is an unstoppable force of artistic and musical madness. This new cassette on Gnar Tapes is a tripped out, glorious, buzzing dream-out through an underground world of electro-psychic audio drugs. Terrestrial and extraterrestrial, hypnotic and alluring. Closed-eyes music for mind spelunking” (Press)

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