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Native America: Get well soon (Chinquapin Records, 2013)

Get Well Soon cover art

Con un presupuesto muy ajustado y con la ayuda de los amigos, Native America ha producido un disco llamado Get well soon a comienzos de este año 2013. Los de New Orleans navegan entre las aguas del Lo-Fi-Pop con la soltura con la que lo podrían hacer The Shins en sus primeros tiempos. Pero aderezándolo con gotitas de Surf, de Country, de Shoegaze, de Powerpop
Todo un crisol de estilos convenientemente mixturado para un deleite inmediato y un goce placentero para oídos exigentes.


“There is a lot to be said when talking about Kickstarter and it seems like everyone has an opinion. The site has its champions and its detractors and depending on who you’re talking to, it seems that each side raises some equally good points. Personally I feel like there is something inky about flat-out asking people for money, but if there is one use of the site that I can see being perfectly legitimate it is funding physical album releases. Releasing digital music is easy. Getting various physical media copies into your listeners hands is a different story, especially if you don’t have a label fronting the money. That’s the spot that New Orleans band Native America found themselves in. Asking for a modest $1,500.00, the band barely squeaked by and met their goal and the result is their debut album Get Well Soon which is now free to run wild. I’m a fairly new listener of theirs, so their Kickstarter project never even registered on my radar. But with a reference from a friend and free download of the album, who am I to refuse? As it turns out Get Well Soon is surprisingly good. The production is excellent and it gives the guys the perfect platform on which to display their songwriting chops of which they have a variety. The album is in a constant state of flux with the guys adopting and an endless amount of influences and weaving them seamlessly into the music. It’s first a foremost a pop album, but they incorporate elements of powerpop, alt-country, surf, and shoegaze with a skillful touch and a gracious helping of happiness. Frankly I’m surprised that more people have caught onto these guys. If you’re fan of anything from The Shins to the poppier moments of Grizzly Bear then you’ll no doubt find something to sink your teeth into here” (

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