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Walking in Circles – GRANT-LEE PHILIPS: Widdershins (Yep Roc, 2018)

La imagen puede contener: una persona, texto

“While this is the second album recorded with the Roe/Price rhythm section, it marks the first collaboration between producer Phillips and Widdershins mixer Tucker Martine (case/lang/veirs, My Morning Jacket, Bill Frisell, the Decemberists, Punch Brothers, etc.) “I’ve wanted to work with Tucker for a long time,” says Phillips. “It was clear that we spoke the same language and had comparable sensibilities.” For instance, when starting work on the backhanded salute “Totally You Gunslinger,” Phillips suggested they aim for a mix that combined Roy Orbison with The Smiths. “Somehow that made as much sense to him as it did to me.”
Grant-Lee Phillips’s gifts for reconciling classic touchstones with an adventurous sensibility has distinguished his work since he first emerged as the frontman of the acclaimed trio Grant Lee Buffalo in the early ‘90s. At once cinematic in scope and disarmingly intimate, the band’s music set the table for a varied, captivating solo career that embraced electronic soundscapes (Mobilize, 2001), reimagined country-rock (Virginia Creeper, 2004), faced fatherhood (Little Moon, 2009), delved into his own native American heritage (Walking in the Green Corn, 2012), and reflected upon his own life-changing move from Los Angeles to Nashville (The Narrows, 2016). Whether fronting a band or performing solo, he is a riveting live performer – which many discovered through his role as the town troubadour on the cult television hit The Gilmore Girls(both in its original run and the 2016 continuation).  
Phillips sees in Widdershins a connection to his earliest work with Grant Lee Buffalo. “That was also a time of intense social anxiety. The Gulf War, the LA riots – everything became cranked up. Then a few years later there was the earthquake we lived through, which also made for a time of uneasiness. I was in a heightened state when I wrote that stuff – as I am now.”
As the past and present converge and the journey of Grant-Lee Phillips continues, his craftsmanship continues to blossom. In times of tumult, he awakens comfort and hope by shining light into darker corners. “I hope to express my faith in people, my faith in the good ideas we’re capable of, and that regardless of what opposition we face, the fact that we can surmount these things,” he concludes. “We can stare them down, laugh at them, belittle them, and drive the darkness back into a hole. Music is a way of kicking some of these giants out at the knees – along with a bit of gallows humor: All the noose that’s fit to print…” (Yep Roc)

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HOLY NOW: Pearl (Lazy Octopus, Single, 2017)

“It’s a song about the search for places and people that make life brighter and easier to live. The search for something or someone who keeps the darkness away.
Holy Now nurtures and renews an indie pop built around captivating melodies and heartbreaking texts. Sounds of unwillingness to grow up and stagnate. Timeless pop music with intimate melodies, screaming drums and captivating chorus. Jangly fuzz pop where euphoria meets insomnia” (Press Note)


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Yo salía con una adolescente – DADDY ISSUES: Deep Dream (Infinity Cat Recordings, 2017)

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DADDY ISSUES es una de esas bandas que cada cierto tiempo refrescan el panorama musical con un puñado de temas frescos, impactantes y que de alguna manera remueven nuestro espíritu post-adolescente con esa forma de tocar juvenil, atropellada y cargada de buenas intenciones.
Sus influencias son bien claras: el riot girrrl, el grunge y el fuzz-pop de comienzos de los noventa. El resultado: este Deep Dream, un disco corto, directo y que te puede hacer echar un buen rato de revival de ese Pop de guitarras que a todos nos encanta redescubrir cada cierto tiempo.

“One could reasonably argue that Jenna Moynihan is a musician who lives in the wrong place and time. Judging from Deep Dream, the first full-length album from Moynihan‘s group Daddy Issues, if she’d made this record in, say, 1993, she’d be fielding lucrative offers from major-label A&R people looking for the next Belly, Veruca Salt, or Breeders. With its catchy but minimalist tunes, grungy guitar figures, and simple but muscular backbeat, Deep Dream sounds like it could easily have been a product of the era when grunge put alternative rock on the charts and hooky tunes with noisy guitars were suddenly the coin of the realm. But Moynihan and her bandmates (Jenna Mitchell on bass andEmily Maxwell on drums) hardly seem motivated by ’90s nostalgia. As a lyricist, Moynihan has a real knack for personal material that focuses on the spaces where relationships go south (and if she isn’t as bold as Liz Phair was in her heyday, she had no qualms about calling things what they are). Though her guitar work sometimes betrays the fact she only started playing seriously in 2014, her tough, grainy tone gives the tunes a physicality that serves them well. Mitchell and Maxwell hadn’t been playing much longer than Moynihan when the band started, which may explain why their approach is so straightforward on Deep Dream, but they know how to harmonize and they push the songs forward without a lot of fuss, balancing their grungy side with a punky clarity. And come to think of it, in 1993 some A&R guy would probably have tried to impose a more flashy second guitarist on this trio, which would have robbed them of a great deal of their lean but crunchy force, so perhaps it’s just as well Daddy Issues exist in the 21st century. Deep Dream shows they’re maturing nicely at their own pace, and their creative instincts are serving them well for such a young band” (All Music)

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Evoluciones – HATER: Red Blinders – You tried (Fire Records, 2017)

El Pop escandinavo que tan de moda estuvo en la primera década de los dos mil, evoluciona, de alguna forma, hasta discos como este You Tried, el debut de los suecos de Malmoe HATER. Un álbum muy breve y que no destaca particularmente por nada más allá de retrotraernos a momentos mejores, evocando el Pop de los sesenta, el Jangle y el Dream.

“Despite having only been a band for about a year, Hater’s interpretation of indie pop is equally refreshing and devastating. At its core, You Tried is a proper debut that pins guitar jangles to pensive dream pop, but it also finds the Malmö quartet pulling off rifts of moody post-punk (“Always Hard To Get By”), 60s-style classic rock (“Cry Later”), and erratic homages to Dying To Say This To You(“Heavy Hearts”), and doing so with ease. It’s potent and well-paced, and a lot of the intimacy stems from Caroline Landahl’s voice and the way it sticks to melodies that are layered with raw configurations of grit, anxiety, and longing. On “Had It All”, she’s committed to turning lovesick thoughts into a glimmer of hope, and then on the title track “You Tried”, she’s lost in a wave of lived-in pain — singing over aqueous riff-etry while gutting you from the inside out” (Blare Magazine)

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Slow it Goes – EYELIDS: Or (Jealous Butcher Records, 2017)


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EYELIDS son una de esa gran cantidad de bandas que, aún a pesar de no tener una gran imagen ni trabajarse sobremanera los medios de comunicación, es imposible no pararse a escucharles detenidamente.
Naturales de Oregon, su música es un feliz compendio de Power-Pop junto al más selecto Jangle o el Paisley Park de los últimos tiempos. Un feliz descubrimiento para nuestros oídos, pero no para los de, por ejemplo, Peter Buck , que fue el encargado de producirles este OR, su último trabajo de 2017, si bien EYELIDS tienen una trayectoria previa como acompañantes o músicos de bandas míticas como Guided by Voices, Boston Spaceships, The Jicks, Decemberists; o músicos como Elliott Smith, Jason Lytle, Damien Jurado o el mencionado Peter Buck.

“On their 2nd album, this Portland, Oregon band play rich, effulgent power pop filled with melodies & hooks to hang your hat on. Songs are sometimes rollicking & rootsy, sometimes sublime and hypnotic, always inspired and addictively hummable. Perhaps the only thing more inspired than the enchanted vocal purity or the tastefully stellar guitar work is the truly exceptional songcraft. Members have played with The Decemberists, Guided By Voices, Boston Spaceships, Stephen Malkmus, Elliott Smith, Jason Lytle, Damien Jurado and Peter Buck (who produced the album). Recalls bands/artists like Tommy Keene, XTC, Big Star, The Wild Feathers, Dwight Twilley Band, Teenage Fanclub, Berwanger, The Beatles, The Black Watch, Nada Surf, Sloan. There are 12 scintillating songs here; every single one is a stone cold stunner. “Or” is a secret every power pop lover should discover. It’s the kind of simple & naturally brilliant music you’re hoping to hear every time you put on a record for the first play. Hands down, one of the best indie pop albums I’ve heard in a long, long time! Highest Recommendation” (All Music)

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Poesía en la tierra del Couuntry – TRISTEN: Sneaker Waves (Pupsnake Records, 2017)

Sneaker Waves

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No nos encaja demasiado que en Nashville se facture Pop delicado, cargado de lirismo y cierta sensibilidad; aunque TRISTEN se encarga de eliminar esos clichés, añadiéndole, además, por momentos gotitas de Fuzzy, gotitas de arreglos de sintetizadores que consiguen que este Sneaker Waves (aunque por momentos roza el status de ese Pop de las Major Leagues), se consolide como un trabajo de buen Pop. Con mayúsculas.

Tristen is no stranger to the music scene. Those around the Nashville scene got to know her a bit as an aspiring folk/country singer/songwriter, particularly after her 2011 album Charlatans At The Garden Gate, and tours with the likes of Justin Townes Earle.
Backed by people like Jenny Lewis, who returns the favour (Tristen was part of Jenny’s backing band for a while), Tristen was able to come up with an ingenious combination of Big Star playing Harry Nilsson songs, sung with by a great pop female voice, at moments akin to that of Aimee Mann.
The introductory Got Some has intricate guitar lines, while Glass Jar has great Lewis vocals and Tristen’s signature organ sound. The upbeat tone of the music which is almost perfectly executed continues throughout the album, but the seductive summery tones are just something to draw you into Tristen’s quite perceptive lyrics” (Rough Trade)

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Watershades – MORELS: Drift (2017)


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Slowcore desde Baltimore.

“Drift is enticingly comfortable, richly layered, sonically sound, delivered without pretense, with surefooted structures, gentle vocals and guitar meanderings that don’t consume, but leave space for visions to imaginatively play out across the backs of your eyelids … and the best part of this low-keyed psychedelic dream-pop album is that you get to slip back down the rabbit hole anytime you wish” (It´s Psychedelic, Baby)

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Delicadezas – NO VACATION: Intermission (Topshelf Records, 2017)

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NO VACATION son una formación de San Francisco que navegan con soltura por las aguas del Dream-Pop de tintes LoFi con una indudable elegancia y belleza.

“No Vacation began in early 2015, and quickly received attention for the nostalgic bedroom-pop sounds off of their debut mixtape, Amo XO, and surf-rock single, “Draem Girl”. A few months following the release of their second mixtape, Summer Break, No Vacation went on an indefinite hiatus. After playing shows under various names and a few line-up changes, Sab Mai, Marisa Saunders, Nat Lee, and Harrison Spencer have reassembled to make up No Vacation. Since their reunion, No Vacation has released 2 singles and an EP titled, Intermission, which was released by Topshelf Records in November 2017. As they transition out of San Francisco, No Vacation will bring the novice “wavy-gravy dream-pop” sounds of Intermission to Brooklyn” (No Vacation)

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El Bueno, El Feo…y GRUFF RHYS: Frontier man (Rough Trade, Single, 2018)

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GRUFF RHYS retorna al que fuera su sello, Rough Trade, con un álbum que se anticipa con este Frontier Man, que como su propio nombre indica, es algo así como un cruce entre la Americana fronteriza y los arreglos de Lee Hazlewood. Bonita producción y bonitos arreglos para este tema que quizás nos conduzca a una faceta más krooner del galés.


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Refreshments – THE DEREVOLUTIONS: Just one look (Single, 2018)

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El trío de Boston THE DEREVOLUTIONS continúa ofreciéndonos su hedonista punto de vista particular sobre la música, mezclando por igual el Soul con el Pop más luminoso.


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Strange Love – THE LIZARDS: She goes down / Houdini (Singles, 2017)

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Pulsiones Psicodélicas a bajas revoluciones


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Kangaroos – GUIDED BY VOICES: Space Gun (2018)

Space Gun

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En un ejercicio algo arriesgado de autocomplacencia, el ya sexagenario Robert Pollard se nombraba como el músico del Indie que ha participado en más álbumes, elevando esa cantidad hasta la cifra de cien. Más allá de este dato anecdótico, Space Gun es el nuevo trabajo de Guided by Voices. Pollard asegura que en ese 2018 no habrá más álbumes de la reformada banda. 
Sea como fuere, este último trabajo es un disco absolutamente vibrante. GBV vira hacia un sonido absolutamente recio y guitarrero, el grupo funciona como un reloj, y las quince composiciones de Pollard son un auténtico regalo para cualquier amante no sólo de la banda, sino también para cualquier buen aficionado Indie e incluso algo amante del retro noventero.

“These guys sound like a band, not a handful of backing musicians, and with producerTravis Harrison at the controls, this real band has made what sounds like a real album. Space Gun is full-bodied and adventurous, with the subtle but intelligent use of the studio giving the album a sonic gravitas that many of GBV‘s albums, good as they are, happen to lack. And as both a songwriter and a vocalist, Pollard is in especially fine fettle, with his bent pop melodies and gloriously cryptic lyrics a perfect match for a band that can play this stuff with a power that belies its detail-oriented intuition.Guided by Voices haven’t made an album that’s this committed to craft since 2001’s Isolation Drills, and if Space Gun doesn’t quite match that underappreciated masterpiece, it comes close enough to confirm that Guided by Voices are quietly in the midst of a late-career renaissance” (All Music)

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Lotta good songs – COURTNEY BARNETT, KURT VILE: Lotta sea lices (Milk!, Matador; 2017)

Lotta Sea Lice

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Uno de los mejores álbumes del pasado 2017 fue sin duda, este Lotta Sea Lices, el disco en el que aunaron sus talentos Courtney Barnett y Kurt Vile; o lo que es lo mismo: lo mejorcito del Pop cálido e intimista junto con lo más florido del Folk-Pop realizado en las últimas décadas. 
Como era de esperar, algo bueno habría de surgir de una unión como ésta, y Lotta Sea Lices lo demuestra. Un álbum que presenta nueve cortes íntimos, llenos de riffs cristalinos, florituras y sensibilidad. Un precioso acercamiento a la Americana desde el punto de vista más Folkie. Courtney y Kurt se versionan mutuamente y descubren otro par de versiones (Belly y Jen Cloher). Un discazo lleno de sensibilidad y de mutua admiración, que por su calidad, se queda incluso corto. ¿Tendrá continuación…?

“As heirs apparent to the throne of ’90s alt-rock, Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett appear to be an ideal match — comrades in slacktivism united by a shrug and a smirk. If neither singer/songwriter sounds precisely like the other, they’re good complements, both cherishing laconic melodies, loping rhythms, and a loads of guitar. All of these elements are in play on Lotta Sea Lice, a rambling nine-song affair that finds the duo singing each other’s songs, playing tunes penned by friends, and covering Belly‘s “Untogether,” an underappreciated ’90s cult classic that the band once played as a duet withRadiohead‘s Thom Yorke. Barnett and Vile do not bring to mind Yorke and Tanya Donelly, nor do they sound a thing like the original Kurt and Courtney of Nirvana and Hole fame. Singing together, Vile andBarnett evoke J Mascis and Liz Phair, comparisons that have been leveled against the individual rockers before, but on this lazy stroll of an LP, it appears the pair are indulging in alt-rock cosplay. It doesn’t help matters that when they indulge in an explicit duet, they often veer toward the cutesy, as on “Continental Breakfast,” where they puff up their international friendship over the titular meal. Food is a problem with Barnett and Vile: “Blue Cheese,” one of the sprightlier numbers here, is undercut by a performance that suggests the pair know precisely that it’s hookier than the rest of the proceedings, as they lean into a “nanny nanny foo foo” lyric just a tad too hard. Usually, though, Lotta Sea Lice just settles into a cozy rustic groove that dispenses with any of the coiled energy of Barnett‘s Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit. and opts for Vile‘s cheery stoner strumming. As they’re both charismatic singers with a way with an elliptical melody, it’s pleasant enough, but by the time its 45 minutes wrap up, Lotta Sea Lice feels like a party where the hosts are having a much better time than their guests” (All Music)

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Wendy McNeill: What would it take (Single, 2018)

Foto del perfil de Wendy McNeill, No hay texto alternativo automático disponible.#TheJangleBox #NovedadesTheJangleBox #DescubreTheJangleBox

“Wendy McNeill’s new album ‘Hunger Made You Brave’ begins where her concept album ‘For the Wolf, a Good Meal’ ended. The last adventure took place mostly under the sea as we dug into the depths of desire and the hazards of a granted wish. This time we venture to the heavens. Through various twists and myths we explore the nature of evil, how certain truths are echoed through the ages, how a soul’s story is told through numerous faces, and how help can come from the strangest places.
When McNeill originally emerged from the prairies of Canada, her accordion tinged songs featuring wild stories and layers of haunting looped vocals were described as Folk Noir. On ‘Hunger Made You Brave’ she seems to have crossed the line into a new genre-Space Folk.
Unmistakably Wendy- with her dark twists and turns- this new recording has something more. When she goes back in time or up to the stars on a sparkling synth line and a howl- you follow. When she whispers that ‘all the rules have changed’- you believe her.
The talents of McNeill’s long time collaborators Andreas Nordell/Double Bass, Erik Nilsson/Percussion, and co producer/multi instrumentalist Christoffer Lundquist weave a unique chemistry which was captured live to tape at AGM Studio Sweden.
Robins Request” is the third single from Wendys upcoming concept album “Hunger Made You Brave” (Press)


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Past & Now – MATH & PHYSICS CLUB: Lived here before (Matineé Recordings, 2018)

Lived Here Before

El cuarto trabajo de MATH & PHYSICS CLUB representa una continuidad con sus tres trabajos anteriores: un homenaje al mejor Pop de toda la vida. Aquél que se realiza sin estridencias, tan sólo a base de buenas canciones, unas gotitas de Jangle, otras de C86 y el buen gusto necesario para conseguir una vez más un álbum que si bien no juega en las grandes ligas o no llega a cotas sobresalientes, sí que mantiene un magnífico tono de notable más que alto para satisfacer a amantes del Pop con mayúsculas.

“Upon the release of 2018’s Lived Here Before, it’s been five years since the last Math and Physics Club album, but all the hallmarks of their sound remain intact. The required amount of guitar jangle, sweet indie pop melody, tender and true lyrics, and Charles Bert‘s wistfully sincere singing are all on display, and the band delivers a few songs that stand with its best work. The gently rumbling “Threadbare,” the warm-hearted “Broadcasting Waves,” and the insistent “All the Mains Are Down” are all first-rate examples of the best kind of indie pop, when the music, words, and voices work together to wrap the listener in the audio equivalent of a long, strong hug. The record is more than just a few great songs, though. Like on their last album, Our Hearts Beat Out Loud, the band continues to expand its sound, becoming more muscular than ever and stretching the songwriting a bit. Tracks like the circular “The Pull of the Tides” and the almost C&W “Take a Number” wouldn’t have appeared on an early MAPC album, and Lived Here Before is enriched by their presence. The rest of the record has a fuller, more dynamic sound than the previous album too, and when the songs rock, like on “Past and in Between,” they have some real punch. The ballads like “Dear Madeline” also have a real echoing beauty that the band has previously hinted at but can fully realize now. Credit the production by indie rock veteran Chris Hanzsek for the improved sound, the band for the expansive arrangements, andBert for coming up with MAPC‘s strongest set of songs to date. Put it all together and it’s the best record the band has done and some really fine indie pop that shows the long-running style has some life left in it yet” (All Music)

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El Despertar – ALONDRA GALOPA: Despierta tus sentidos (Vídeo-Single, Linier Discos, 2018)

“Alondra Galopa estrenan “Despierta tus sentidos”. Segundo videosingle de“Ocaso”, el tercer trabajo de la banda granadina y un disco en el que han encontrado el equilibrio perfecto entre luz y oscuridad, entre las guitarras poderosas y los espacios acústicos. Entre el sueño y la vigilia.
En un ambiente oclusivo, estático, metáfora del inmovilismo que nos domina, se abre una ventana luminosa, una voz que “Despierta tus sentidos”. Se trata del tema que abre el disco y supone un alegato a salir de la zona de confort en la que estamos instalados, un mantra susurrante que te invita romper esa capsula personal que nos hace ser inmunes a lo que nos rodea y nos lleva a perder muchas cosas importantes y sencillas de la vida.
Como en todo lo audiovisual de “Ocaso”, Kike Redondo es el encargado del guión, dirección y montaje del clip. “Su estilo y el nuestro encajan a la perfección. Por ello pensamos que cada canción debía tener una fotografía de Kike. Además de ser el encargado de hacer las fotos de promoción nuestras. El resultado es para nuestro gusto estupendo” (MondoSonoro)


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CELÉSTICA: Berlín (Single, 2017)

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“Celéstica siguen avanzando sin prisas, ajenos al competitivo sindiós circundante, sin dejarse acuciar innecesariamente. Canción a canción, el trío madrileño está construyendo un repertorio de considerable calado emocional, manteniendo su fidelidad al pop guitarrero de fundamento anglosajón, principalmente en su facción noventera.
“Berlín”, su nuevo single, es también una de las composiciones más conmovedoras que hayan compuesto en toda su trayectoria. Conjuga melodías delicadas, ritmo sencillo y convincente atmósfera con una letra impía que describe el crepúsculo de una relación amiga de las tormentas.
Además, ofrece una perspectiva inédita sobre la voz del cantante y guitarrista Juan Sebastián, quien llega más lejos que nunca sin hacer alarde alguno. Y confirma la destreza creativa del grupo, que aquí realiza un soberbio ejercicio de contención atendiendo a lo que la naturaleza del tema reclama. No precisa de subrayados, pero deja sin aliento. Todos, en mayor o menor medida, podemos darnos por aludidos al escucharla. De eso se trata” (Nota de Prensa)


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