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Three guys – JASON LYTLE LITTLE WINGS KRAMIES: 3ingle (Single, 2018)

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“Three songwriters…
Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, Kyle Field of Little Wings, and Kramies set out to make the first ‘Split-Trio’ or Tri-Single’ as some might put it. 
With just one acoustic instrument, a voice, one microphone and no studio tricks, each of them wrote and recorded a new song. 
With Jason & Kyle’s songs both being recorded in their homes in California and Kramies’ song being recorded in his home in Colorado, the songs truly have a naturally honest & comfortable tone which almost brings a feeling of sitting in a living room listening to the songs being played live. 
All three songwriters, having worked together on projects and played shows together, have been friends over the years and have a lot of respect for each other’s craft which makes this ‘Split-trio’ a special one off release” (Press Note)

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Kramies & Alma Forrer: Into the sparks (Single, 2016)

¿Os gusta la vena íntima y lírica de Kramies? Pues en este sencillo se alía con la cantante Alma Forrer para hacer dos versiones de un mismo tema…

“Once Upon a time there was a wonderful songstress named Alma who lived in a beautiful land called Paris.. Very far away, up high in the mountains lived a quiet troubadour named Kramies. One day as Kramies was walking through the woods he started to sing a mysterious song. As she was sitting in her garden all those miles away, Alma also started to sing a mysterious song. That fated day, their voices traveled across oceans, over small towns and through dark green forests to meet…. and when they finally collided, they created an ethereal, beautiful new song… A song called “Into The Sparks” (Press)


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Kramies: Forêts antiques (Ep, 2015)

El espíritu de las canciones de Kramies Windt, románticas, espaciales, profundas y serenas, queda reflejado en este Ep registrado en directo en un teatro francés.

“On a spring evening in 2015, the setting sun cast deep shadows over The Grand Théâtre in Angers, France, where Kramies was due to play to a sold-out crowd. As the 700 ticket-holders took to their seats and the theatre dimmed to a single amber light, Kramies walked on stage to perform his haunting, romantic songs. This is a recording of that night.
Forêts Antiques is the new live EP by singer-songwriter Kramies, featuring recordings of tracks from his acclaimed EPs, plus a previously unreleased song.
Also includes live photos from that night taken by French
Photographer Jérôme Sevrette
“A delicately spun cosmic carnival teased upon the same unseen fragile structures that hold stars in the night sky” – ‘The Fate That Never Favored Us’


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Kramies: The fate that never favored us (Hidden Shoal Recordings, Single, 2015)

Si hay algo que se le puede pedir a una mañana soleada es una canción como ésta: evocadora, relajada, calmada y absolutamente arrebatadora. Un waltz preñado de Space-Rock. Me suena a los Notorious Byrd Brothers, me recuerda a los Mercury Rev realmente interesantes.
Un sencillo realmente espectacular. Un pequeño trocito de dulzura empaquetada en formato sencillo. El responsable es Kramies (aka. Kramies Windt), el cantautor afincado en Colorado. Jason Lytle ha producido el tema, el cual, por cierto, está disponible para su descarga gratuita.

“Ahead of his forthcoming French tour, dream-pop troubadour Kramies has dropped another gorgeous track produced by Jason Lytle (Grandaddy). ‘The Fate That Never Favored Us’ is a lilting, swaying cosmic waltz, delicately built around melancholy acoustic guitar and eerie synths, through which Kramies weaves his languid vocals. As with so much of his music, Kramies delivers soundtracks to moments rather than mere songs” (Press)


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Kramies: The Folklore Sessions (2014)

The Folklore Sessions cover art

La música de Kramies tiene mucho de componente Folk-Acústico, como bien sabéis los asiduos de TJB, pues ya ha aparecido por el blog.
Pues bien, en este interludio en lo que aparece nuevo material sonoro de Kramies, nos encontramos con The Folklore Sessions, donde podemos encontrarnos con visiones más desnudas de temas de sus discos anteriores. 
El resultado es un tratamiento más íntimo pero no menos cuidado de aquellas…

“The Folklore Sessions is the free new EP by dream-pop singer-songwriter Kramies, featuring acoustic versions of songs from his two acclaimed Hidden Shoal EPs The European and The Wooden Heart, plus the beautiful piano talents of Grant Wilson (from Syfy’s Ghost Hunters).
While his previous EPs mined a wonderfully rich seam of atmospheric yet epic songcraft, The Folklore Sessions demonstrates that Kramies’ songwriting is just as stunning without the undeniable production talents of Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) and Todd Tobias (Guided By Voices, Robert Pollard, Circus Devils). With just his voice and acoustic guitar, plus languid piano backing by Grant Wilson (of Ghost Hunters TV show fame), these stripped-back versions of The European’s ‘Antiquarian Days’, The Wooden Heart’s title track and ‘Sea Otter Cottage’ are given vivid new life through Kramies’ genuinely affecting performances” (Press)

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Kramies: The wooden heart (Ep, Hidden Shoal Recordings, 2013)

The Wooden Heart cover art

El último trabajo de Kramies está producido por Jason Lytle, y en verdad que ésto se nota. En el aspecto electroacústico de su música, en ese aspecto melancólico del sonido de este Wooden Heart. Esa oscuridad de acordes menores está claramente influenciada por gentes como Slowdive o Mercury Rev. Joyitas como la que da título al disco hacen de éste un disco disfrutable que además tiene el aliciente de tener una estructuración simétrica y una duración justa, ni demasiado extensa ni demasiado breve, riesgo éste que suele aparecer en producciones de este tipo.

“Built on a base dark and melancholic pop, these six songs enjoy a delectable atmospheric character that is reminiscent of the old inspirations of the genre. On the fly, we instantly think of Mercury Rev, Sparklehorse or Slowdive. Kramies moves in the same folk-rock liberator and vocal register, with one exception. Because unlike the three references cited above, his compositions are delicately enamelled electronic textures, handling the organic aspect of his work with shadowy and enigmatic feelings ( The Beginning,  Upon The Northern Isles ). Psychedelic light points on the pieces where Lytle is involved ( Sea Otter Cottage, Clocks Were All Broken ) also recall that wander in a dreamlike music involves some risk taking” (IndiePopRock)

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