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Diamond Incarnation: Scorpio fifteen (Ep, 2014)

“Let me present you, “Diamond Incarnation”s seventh EP called “Scorpio Fifteen”. A mix of shoegaze, folk/psychedelic-rock and a pinch of indian-influenced acoustic rock. 
Starting with the powerful shoegaze-track “Spacespin”, the EP opens with a wall of reverb-drenched guitar sounds, guided by a melancholic voice, singing about girls/love/whatever. Second one “Keep On The Show”, will be immediately recognized as a heavy “BRMC”-influenced folk-rock song. “Leaking of Our Hourglass” on the other hand, follows the old “obligatory-indian-track”-scheme, giving an oriental touch, with a sitar as main instrument. Last track, “Feast Me Now”, also influenced by “BRMC”, generates the low and simultaneously the end of the EP. 
As always, i hope you enjoy those songs as much as i enjoyed recording them!” (Dan) 

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