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Juan Wauters (from The Beets): Sanity (7″, 2013)

Sanity 7" cover art

Animoso corte de LoFi-Pop con tintes playeros y estribillos juguetones.

“Montevideo, Uruguay, 1997. In a red brick building–in a modest fourth floor apartment with a view straight to the ocean–Juan Wauters bangs on a neighbor’s piano and notices the good feeling. The piano machine becomes emotion when Juan lays his knowledge on the keys. Juan calls these casual and unique occasions “The Wauters Symphonies.” Later, on a borrowed guitar, these concerns are witness to thick tears cried through songs that smiled once they realized existence. Time brought strength to Juan Wauters’ muscles. These are the tools that he uses to craft pieces that are his evolving search for that specific sound that will never come to be. The search is never ending and the crafting just adds layers to a skin that thickens. Life becomes the mere existence of those sounds that last forever. Follow the piano crafted symphonies from a head that wanders lonely”

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