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Unlikely Friends: Solid Gold Cowboys (Jigsaw Records, 2015)

Un soplo fresco del mejor Jangle, un disco de Pop con canciones en mayúsculas. Todo un descubrimiento a manera de súper-grupo que decidieron tomar el sistema de composición y sonoro de Guided by Voices. Creo que les va muy bien…

“Unlikely Friends is somewhat a misnomer, as it is a group of actual friends from the Seattle indiepop scene. Dave Krain from Boat and Charles Bert from Math & Physics Club decided that they had too many song ideas laying around and wanted an outlet for them outside of their primary bands. I was recruited on drums, and Unlikely Friends was born! “Off the cuff” is a term thrown around a lot when talking about the band, as we tend to do things quickly and simply. Case in point: this record was written and recorded within a few months of forming – and before the band had even played live! This album is all about fun and full of instant hits; if you’re looking for a musical point of reference, Boat isn’t too far off (though definitely not MAPC!), but Guided By Voices might be a little more apt. In the time it took me to write this paragraph, another song has probably been written…” (Press)


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