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Cinemática – DEATH AND VANILLA: Dioz delirium (Single, 2017; from The Tenant, 2018)

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Estos Retro-Technos suecos imaginan y nos ofrecen una recreación en vivo de la banda sonora de The Tenant, el film de Roman Polanski (1976). Intriga cinemática, aparatos de la época y sonido decididamente vintage.

“Originally scored by Philippe Sarde, this release sees Death And Vanilla reimagine the film’s soundtrack four decades on for a new audience. The haunting instrumental is a foreboding piece of dark and cinematic avant-garde music that’s alienated, lonely and melancholic. Moments of hallucination and delusion mirror the lead character Trelovsky.
Recorded in 2015 at Cinemascore festival in Spain alongside a two-hour performance and screening of psychological thriller ‘The Tenant’ (1976).  With the band at their most minimal, the accomplished musicians once again bring the dark narrative to life with their expansive and ethereal noir sound. The recording features them as a trio – Marleen Nilsson (Farfisa Compact), Anders Hansson (Hagstrom Kent, Roland SP-404 and Technics SL-1200) and Magnus Bodin (Moog Prodigy and Musser M55).
Directed by Polish filmmaker Roman Polanski and based on the novel Le Locataire by Roland Topor, ‘The Tenant’ is the finale in his acclaimed apartment triology which included “Repulsion” (1965) and “Rosemary’s Baby” (1968)” (Press)


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Death and Vanilla reeditan sus primeros Ep´s: Death and Vanilla (2010) y From above (2013)

Los seguidores del Pop futurista de Death & Vanilla están de enhorabuena, pues su sello, Fire Records, ha decidido reeditar dos de sus primeros discos.

“Following the release of last year’s critically acclaimed ‘To Where The Wild Things Are’, Death And Vanilla revisit earlier releases with a number of reissues including ‘EP’ and 7” ‘From Above’ out in May.
Looking back at their formative years, their sophisticated retro-futuristic psych-pop was being honed whilst channeling their passion for hauntology, library, krautrock and radiophonic music” (Press)


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Death & Vanilla: California owls (Fire Records, Single, 2015)

Un descubrimiento: los suecos Death & Vanilla son un trío especializado en una suerte de Dream-Pop realizado con instrumentos Vintage y desde luego, analógicos. Resultado: un sonido auténticamente espectacular, que suena a banda sonora de película de realismo mágico o al Dream-Pop más inspirado. Banda a seguir.

“Dreamy Swedish experimental pop duo Death & Vanilla return with their brand new album ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. Producing diverse and eclectic soundscapes full of hushed vocals and swirling electronics, the duo revel in the warmth of the older analogue instruments to create a simultaneous sense of nostalgia and escapism. Having already produced an album and a live score for the horror film ‘Vampyr’, 2015’s prospects look bright for Death & Vanilla” (Fire Records)


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