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Mmdelai: Mmdelai (Ep, 2012)

BG025 | Mmdelai EP cover art

Surcando las aguas de diversos estilos de la música electrónica que personalmente reconozco que no los domino en absoluto, Mmdelai surge como una propuesta híbrida de ese Pop de veta experimental y la música electrónica menos danzable. Mmdelai surge como el proyecto más o menos unipersonal de Annemarie Duff (Miniatures), música y productora residente en el área de San Francisco. Su voz, personalísima, preside la mayor parte de los temas de este Ep que está editado por Bleeding Gold Records, una de las discográficas independientes más animosas y a la vez más variopintas del riquísimo panorama musical norteamericano. Por cierto, este disco de debut está disponible para escucha y disfrute en el Bandcamp de Mmdelai.


“Christchurch based producer Annemarie Duff is also known as Mmdelai has has just released her debut self titled EP. Blending the cold edge of electronica with etherial ghostlike vocals, Annemarie weaves something rather special here within the seven tracks in just under 25 minutes. White World opens like something like a siren malfunction as the machines being self aware and take control – lone, her voice is surrounded by dry ice and back-light. Almost a minute later post-drum-n-bass rhythms skittle over a bass line that probably has killed something. All the while, like an estranged cousin of Kate Bush and/or the woman from The Knife – Annemarie’s vocals twist and turn like mist.
A song structure follows a more traditional trajectory in Sicily Sea; and is possibly more accessible for it – but things are still kept gorgeously weird – with a piercing keyboard line that goes to the edge of distortion in contrast to the sweet piano that drives the tune.
Elements of trance and dub filter through on tracks like Wall of Light and Solve For You respectively, which, while well executed just fail to connect with me personally. But closing number We Can’t Fade is haunting and mesmerizing – if someone had invented drum and bass in 1915, then 15 years later, having moved on, Marlene Dietrich would be making songs like this” (

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