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New Moscow: I´m the jailbird (Single, Young & Lost Records, 2014)

Precioso tema en el que puedes rastrear huellas tanto del Folk-Rock o el Neo-Hippysmo.


As a member of Division of Laura Lee, David Fransson has been a central part of the Swedish indie rock movement that emerged in the early 2000s. As solo artist New Moscow he later on experimented with slightly different genres and sounds. 

In 2006 New Moscow released the Alt-Rock-esque album “Verse Chorus Worse”. The acoustic album “Slow Down” was released in 2008 and included the successful single “Slow Down”!

The new single “I’m The Jailbird” is the first track taken from the forthcoming collection of previously unreleased songs, “Telling BIrds How To Fly” (release date late November 2014). Through a modern hippie sound with acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies, New Moscow contradictory let you travel in some kind of locked condition through the subtle lyrics. Based on the fact that the human always will be alone with himself he conveys the loneliness like no other.

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