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The Bird Day: Collect Vibrations (2010)


The Bird Day son un quinteto de Buffalo, Usa, especializado en facturar un tipo de Dream-Pop que tan en boga ha vuelto a estar este año 2010. Sus melodías son elaboradas, y utilizan por igual riffs de guitarra que frases de teclado, conjugando en sus temas toda esa sonoridad creando atmósferas realmente agradables que mezclan con un aluvión de voces en falsete. Su Ep de presentación está disponible para descarga legal y gratuita, y prometen disco grande en breve.

The Bird Day – Collect Vibrations (2010)

Sunny/crunchy/falsetto/explode-in-ur-pants/funky/dance-pop goodness.  No….. Greatness.
THE BIRd DAY comes from Buffalo, NY – these guys have been on my radar ever since hearing their first free DL track, Thirsty, off their website.  I initially heard of them from my buddies in Holy Spirits (who by the way will be playing live with THE BIRd DAY at Glasslands Gallery in NYC tomorrow night — if you’re in the area, I can’t recommend going to this show enough)
A few more singles and a full length (
via mediafire (via Dead As Digital)) later, I’m fully hooked.  These guys really know what they’re doing, and have a sense for catchy falsetto melodies that I haven’t heard since Hissing Fauna era of Montreal.  Ganted, THE BIRd DAY isn’t nearly as spastic as Kevin Barnes, but they surely make up for it with musical hooks that well deserve their repeated chorus structure” (

MySpace / Descarga legal gratuita-Free legal download

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