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The Pharmacy: Josephine (Ep, 2012)


Estos chicos de New Orleans tienen la habilidad de mezclar el clásico sonido Indie norteamericano con cierta tendencia digamos que “anglófila” en su versión más cercana a Ray Davies. O al menos éso es lo que a mí me parece escuchando temas como In your room o Josephine, las protagonistas del Ep que Seayou Records ha editado esta primavera del combo de Portland. Los temas son altamente disfrutables. Puedes disfrutarlos en el Bandcamp, comprar el disco o descargar dos de las versiones. Os dejo los enlaces.

“It’s been almost a decade since a young Scottie Yoder received a 4-track for his birthday and began turning out poppy, energetic garage numbers with friend Brendhan Bowers in a shed on Vashon Island up in Washington state. After classically-trained pianist Stefan Rubicz joined the pair in early 2007, they’ve been on a constant schedule. The past few years, the band’s been alternating between the recording of 3 albums, a handful of 7″s and touring all over North America and Europe with acts varying from Japanther and Vivian Girls to Kimya Dawson and Matt+Kim.
They spent 2009 living in New Orleans where they recorded the LP Weekend for Park The Van Records. Seattle’s The Stranger called it “the strongest, most consistent record the band has ever made” that “continues to move even further away from their basement-punk beginnings, experimenting with a more mellow, sometimes psychedelic sound laced with sweet harmonies.” The New Orleans Gambit stated that “the LP plays out like a lost artifact from 1965 London” and that “The band’s formerly kaleidoscopic psych/pop suddenly finds laser-guided precision, both musically and lyrically.”
So after supporting the LP with 3 US and 2 European tours including a special SXSW session with Daytrotter, they returned to Seattle with a wealth of new material. The A side of the new Dig Your Grave EP contains two songs recorded in Seattle at Jack Endino’s Soundhouse Studio. It was produced by Brandon Eggleston who is known for his work with Modest Mouse, Swans & Les Savy Fav. Yoder was even able to use the same guitar amp from Nirvana’s Bleach LP for the solo in “Pines.” The B side contains a demo recorded in the barracks on Governor’s Island and an acoustic track from their time in New Orleans. Its a diverse and varied document offering a glimpse into their anticipated next LP, Stoned & Alone, due out later this year” (Facebook)

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The Pharmacy: Pines (Video-Single, 2012)

The Pharmacy son un trío de Seattle de los que ya hemos hablado en The JangleBox, a propósito de su Ep de debut, el animoso Dig your grave, un fantástico ejercicio de Power-Pop hipervitaminado y enérgico a partes iguales, con raíces en el mejor Power-Pop y en el Pop de los sesenta. Pues bien, por gentileza de su sello, Kind Turkey Records, a quienes dedicamos el día de hoy, nos presentan el vídeo de su último single, este Pines, en el que me recuerdan a los Kinks de mediados de los sesenta. El vídeo está filmado en 16mm y Súper8, y tiene ese encanto de lo antiguo.

The Pharmacy – Pines (Ep, 2012)

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The Pharmacy: Dig your grave (Single, 2012)


The Pharmacy son un trío de Seattle que facturan un Power-Pop enérgico y deshinibido. En estos días acaban de editar su último Ep, este Dig your grave (Ep, 2011), y nos regalan el single que da título al mismo, un apasionado y breve tema en el que los chicos demuestran de lo que son capaces.

The Pharmacy – Dig your grave (Ep, 2012)

“Seatlle’s THE PHARMACY have spent the majority of the last decade touring the US and Europe relentlessly on their infectious brand of pop garage. In between tours they’ve released a slew of singles and three critically acclaimed LPs, cementing them as the current purveyors of the pop garage genre. Frontman SCOTT YODER concocts epic pop gems that aren’t obscured by mountains of fuzz or clched lyrics—all while staying true to their lo-fi perspective on sound. Four songs in all. 2/3rds of THE PHARMACY play in the bedroom pop band FUZZY CLOAKS!” (

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Descarga-Download Single: Dig your grave-Mp3

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