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The Biters: Hang around (Single, 2010)


The Biters son una banda de Atlanta, Usa, con un tufillo a hype que tira para atrás desde el primer instante, pero lo cierto es que este Hang around me ha llamado la atención bastante desde la primera escucha, ya que hacía tiempo que no oía un homenaje tan rendido al Power-Pop con esos toques tan glamourosos. De hecho tienen un aire a Supergrass tremendo, pero su imagen…mmm: mas o menos rebeldilla pero siempre controlada, peinados controladamente descuidados y aparición masiva en los medios. Total, disfrutaremos de este single de alto impacto y fácil escucha que además es de descarga gratuita. Si queréis oír más del grupo, sólo tenéis que visitar su MySpace.

The Bitters – Hang around (Single, 2010)

“Who the hell are the Biters? To start with, they are a four-piece band based in Atlanta, GA, with the exception of one member who lives in Baltimore. The members of the band are; Tuk, formally of the Heart Attacks, on guitar and lead vox, Matt (guitar, background vox), Travis (bass, background vox) and Joey (drums. He ain’t Phil Collins). Matt, the newest member, is the one who lives in Baltimore for those paying attention. The band came together with the addition of Matt in November of 2009 and hit the ground running. The band began rehearsals as the Biters, with their first show that month. From there, they started making quick noise in the Atlanta music scene. Rising to become one of the top bands in the city. Their record label, Underrated Records, also based in Atlanta, has a series of EPs planned for the band in 2010.
Songs like the debut EP’s lead single and brilliantly fun “Hang Around” to “So Cheap, So Deadly” show the beginnings of the bands breadth all the while still sounding like the same band. Just like the Biters influences: Cheap Trick, Sweet, T-Rex, and Big Star all five of the songs on the EP contain lots of harmonies and strong chorus’ and a concerted effort to sound as good as possible. Something the band feels is lacking in so much of modern day underground rock. The music does not need to be polished spit-shine clean, but it should always sound as good as possible otherwise what’s the point. The lyrics, while seemingly innocent, actually may imply something more sinister; a really good time either going on or already had. The listeners get to choose and find out for themselves”

MySpace / Descarga gratuita-Free download

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