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Looping – JANE WEAVER: Loops in the secret society (Fire Records, 2019)

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“When science fiction turns science fact the effect can be truly momentous.The state demands that no-one wants an unlicensed machine-hum from an outbuilding; no-one wants clever prose mapping the future, no-one wants “music” that is attention-seeking, soul-defining, beneficial, Biblical, baroque and beautiful. No-one told Jane Weaver that.
Jane Weaver’s multi-layered synthetics evolved into a welcoming slew with 2014’s ‘The Silver Globe’, continuing through to 2017’s ‘Modern Kosmology’. ‘Loops In The Secret Society’ is a re-imagined journey through parts of both albums, with new ambient pieces primed and polished; with new tangents explored in a lab-friendly blossoming of the Weaver vision that travels yet further into the psych of our future.. A continuous experience with one-line observations set in glorious sense-stimulating sound” (Drowned In Sound)

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Jane Weaver anuncia nuevo disco: ‘Loops In The Secret Society’ para el 21 de junio. Sloops (LOOPS Variation), Single de adelanto

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“That source material was then united in an expansionist experiment in late 2018. The ‘Loops In The Secret Society’ tour fused unrelated sounds set off against sympathetic new textures, tones and drones; hot-housed into an idealistic soundscape that formed the conducive parts of the imminent album of the same name. 
“(A) beguiling spiritual medium for immaculate psychedelia.” (The Guardian)

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More and more Singles…

JANE WEAVER: The lighting back (Fire Records, 2018)

Live Dates
16 Feb: Muffathalle, Munich, Germany*
17 Feb: Admiralspalast, Berlin, Germany*
18 Feb: Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany* 
19 Feb: Carre, Amsterdam, Netherlands* 
21 Feb: DK Studio 1, Copenhagen, Denmark* 
22 Feb: Munchen Brewery, Stockholm, Sweden* 
23 Feb: Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway* 
24 Feb: Studios, Gothenburg, Sweden*
05 Apr: New Theatre, Oxford, UK **
06 Apr: O2 Academy, Bournemouth, UK **
07 Apr: The Dome, Brighton, UK **
08 Apr: Margate Winter Gardens, Margate, UK **
10 Apr: Corn Exchange, Cambridge, UK **
11 Apr: Brangwyn Hall, Swansea, Wales **
12 Apr: Olympia, Liverpool, UK **
13 Apr: De Montfort Hall, Leicester, UK **
14 Apr: Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland **
16 Apr: The Empire, Middlesbrough, UK **
17 Apr: O2 Academy, Sheffield, UK **
10 May: Focus Wales Festival, St Giles Church, Wrexham, Wales  
29 Jun – 01 Jul: Halfway Festival, Białystok, Poland 
8 Jul:  TRNSMT Festival, Glasgow Green, Glasgow, Scotland
21 Jul: Deershed Festival, Baldersby Park, North Yorkshire, UK  
26-29 July: Camp Bestival, Dorset, UK  
16-19 Aug: Green Man Festival, Brecon Beacons, Wales 

w/ Belle & Sebastian *
w / Public Service Broadcasting **

MODERN STUDIES: Mud and Flame (Fire Records, 2018)

BARK PSYCHOSISFrom What Is Said To When It’s Read (Fire Records, 2018)

CANARY ISLANDS: Glöm Baby Glöm (2018)


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Arquitectura – JANE WEAVER: The architect (Fire Records, Ep, 2017

‘With one eye on the dancefloor and another on those sprawling existential questions’ (The Quietus), ‘The Architect’ sees Jane Weaverevolving with an aero-lite melodicism, the drum heavy vivacious pop song evokes vivid images of early Modernist art, Archigram blue-prints with a rigid back-bone of Eames worthy construction.
Directly inspired by Hilma af Klint’s séances, spiritualism and the science of anthroposophy that formed the artist’s abstract paintings, Weaver finds herself in a transformative state channeling her inner spirituality, it’s place within her music and the cosmos. Shifting perspectives with her meditative vocal explorations and oneiric flow on ‘Code’. Eight-minute psych-popopus ‘Element’ is richly melodic replete with pulsating analogue synths, unrelenting motorik rhythms and incessant beats.
The perfect antidote to those longing for more music since the release of the critically acclaimed ‘Modern Kosmology’, therelease features title track alongside unreleased new tracks and a special remix by Finders Keepers’ Andy Votel” (Press)

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30 Sep: Sensoria Festival, Sheffield, UK
20 Oct: Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate, UK?
21 Oct: Simple Things, Bristol, UK
22 Oct: The Haunt, Brighton, UK?
23 Oct: Arts Centre, Norwich, UK?
25 Oct:?Quarterhouse, Folkestone, UK?
26 Oct: Islington Assembly Hall, London, UK?
28 Oct: Bodega Social Club, Nottingham, UK?
29 Oct: The?Bullingdon, Oxford, UK?
31 Oct:?Brudenell?Social Club, Leeds, UK?
01 Nov:?Sugarmill, Stoke on Trent, UK?
02 Nov: The Cluny, Newcastle, UK?
03 Nov: Trades Club, Hebden Bridge, UK?
04 Nov: Stereo, Glasgow, Scotland?
10 Nov:?Workmans?Club, Dublin, Ireland?
11 Nov: Maple Leaf Club, Belfast, Ireland?
12 Nov: Le Guess Who?, Utrecht, Netherlands
14 Nov:  AB, Brussels, Belgium
16 Nov: Hafen 2, Offenbach, Germany
17 Nov: Privatclub, Berlin, Germany
20 Nov: Cafe V lese, Prague, Czech Republic
21 Nov: Papiersaal, Zurich, Switzerland
24 Nov: Supersonic, Paris, France (free show)
28 Nov: Komedia, Bath, UK
29 Nov: Hare & Hounds, Birmingham, UK
30 Nov: O2 Ritz, Manchester, UK

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Modo Futurología – JANE WEAVER: Modern Kosmology (Fire, 2017)

Modern Kosmology

Un disco de esos que puede marcar una época, de alguna manera. Una forma de entender el Pop, a base de influencias diversas: Electrónica, Kraut, Psicodelia, Cosmic-Pop, Dream… y que a su vez puede ser el camino a seguir para un futuro muy cercano. Un álbum más que interesante a cargo de una de esas artistas personalísimas, de carácter y de voz inconfundible.

“On her 2014 album, The Silver Globe, Jane Weaver took a step away from the gentle psych-folk she had been making into something more German and droning. Abetted by a wide array of synthesizers, she wrapped her dreamlike songs in cushy waves of sound for a large part of the album. On 2017’sModern Kosmology, Weaver dives headlong into dream pop that’s filtered through vintage synthesizers, motorik beats, and jangling guitars. Playing most of the instruments herself, with help from the occasional drummer or guitarist, she creates a world of sound that envelops the listener in much the same way that the tendrils of synths wrap around her rich, woody vocals. From the opening notes of the album, she weaves a sonic spell that doesn’t break, or even bend. The tempos may change, the mood may shift a bit here and there, the arrangement may go from dense to sparse, but through it all Weaver conducts the sound like a magician in full command of her powers. There are hints of Stereolab and Broadcast, echoes of Can and Harmonia, shades of Spectrum, and nods to synth pioneers like Suzanne Ciani, but when the album is done, it mainly feels like a pure manifestation of Weaver‘s vision. Songs like “Did You See Butterflies?” and “Loops in the Secret Society” certainly owe a great debt to artists of the past, but the way Weaver puts together the pieces is fresh and entrancing. The record really takes off when she breaks out of the mood established on those aforementioned tracks and adds unexpected elements, like the heavy post-rock drums on the pulsating “The Architect” and the sawing violins and stentorian vocals of guest Malcolm Mooney ofCan on the utterly hypnotic “Ravenspoint.” Not only do these tracks serve to add an extra bit of dynamic tension to the album, they also point to more exploratory avenues Weaver could attempt in the future now that she’s mastered synth-heavy dream pop. The Silver Globe was Weaver‘s coming-out party;Modern Kosmology serves notice that she’s here to stay” (All Music)

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7th July: UK, Cheshire, Bluedot Festival
20-23rd July: UK, Liverpool, Liverpool International Music Festival
22 Jul: Tramlines Festival, Sheffield, UK
29th July: UK, London, O2 Academy Brixton w/ Goat & The Moonlandingz
05 Aug: Hoylake, UK Skeleton Coast Festival, Hoylake Parade Community Centre
25-26th August: Totnes, Sea Change Festival
20th October: Ramsgate, Ramsgate Music Hall
22nd October: Brighton, The Haunt
23rd October: Norwich, Arts Centre
25th October: Folkestone, Quarterhouse
26th October: London, Islington Assembly Hall
28th October: Nottingham, The Bodega
29th October: Oxford, The Bullingdon
31st October: Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
1st November: Stoke, The Sugar Mill
2nd November: Newcastle, The Cluny
3rd November: Hebden Bridge, Trades Club
4th November: Glasgow, Stereo
10th November: Dublin, Workman’s Club
11th November: Belfast, Maple Tour Leaf

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Artesanía Electro – JANE WEAVER: Modern Kosmology (Fire Records, 2017)

Funciona como una artesana del Electro. Jane Weaver maneja todos los hilos de la grabación, producción y edición de sus álbumes. Su sonido es igual y decididamente Retro: utiliza equipos electrónicos analógicos y huye de artificios. El resultado: una excitante mezcla de Kraut, Pop y los sonidos avanzados que propusieron en su día bandas como Can o Stereolab.

“Like dreams, Jane Weaver’s songs come to her “like fully-formed pictures” she explains, but only now, with a discography that spans 3 decades, has she taken concentrated and uninterrupted recording time to focus on a genuine studio album from start-to-finish. Recorded using genuine all-analogue vintage machinery, Weaver balances the obscure against the unpredictable matching every beat with every considered syllable in a 40 minute opus comprising her best lyrical songwriting to date. Songs like H>A>K and The Architect match aero-lite melodicism with pounding rhythm tracks evoking vivid images of early Modernist art, Archigram blue-prints with a rigid back-bone of Eames worthy construction. In tracks like Slow Motion and The Lightning Back, Weaver combines subtle patch-bay arpeggios combining the stylings of Wendy Carlos and (previous collaborator) Suzanne Ciani with yearning lyricism and the type of agile melodics seldom found in synthesised pop music. Other organic tracks on the LP combine awkward twangs and dystopian dirge to expose Weaver’s knowledgeable grasp on early European prog with the angular Faustian / Can pang of Loops In The Secret Society and the commune rock evocation of Ravenspoint, a seasoned reduction of Amon Duul, Ash Ra and Acanthus. The album’s title track however will tick multiple boxes for fans of all the aforementioned micro-genres with one of Weaver’s most intimate performances to date combining crystalline vocals with swells of electric organ, crooked rhythms, spiked psych guitar and spectral radiophonic effects challenging the best in obscure Swedish acid-rock and Elephants Memory’s soundtrack psych… possibly a compliment at it’s most monarchial” (Press-Fire Records)

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Tour dates:
18 May: Hare & Hounds 2, Birmingham, UK
19 May: Band On The Wall, Manchester, UK
20 May: The Great Escape Festival, Brighton, UK
22 May: The Lexington, London, UK
23 May: Rough Trade East, London, UK
02 Jun: La Maroquinerie, Paris, France
07 Jul: Bluedot Festival, Jodrell Bank, Cheshire, UK
20-23 Jul: Liverpool International Music Festival, Liverpool, UK
25-26 Aug: Sea Change Festival, Totnes, UK

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Latidos de Synth-Pop – JANE WEAVER: Slow motion (Single, 2017)

“This is the real sound of solitude but far from silence. One voice, a vulnerable pulse, channeling a lifetime of human experience via melodic codes, naked with multicoloured wings and expanding drum-drones” (Press)


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