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Yuni in Taxco: Yuni in Taxco (Ep, 2010)


Yuni in Taxco son algo así como la simbiosis entre los Beach Boys, el Lo-Fi y la nueva corriente de Americana representada por Fleet Foxes. Un nexo de unión entre las olas y el Folk de pelos largos y guitarras arrastradas. Disco relajado y que recrea esos ambientes playeros e incluso con un toque Afro, ahora que está tan de moda (King of Borneo). Una bonita evolución de la Americana por sonidos más de la Costa Oeste (Sad sack of shit) o del Pop más barroco (Dream drug). Un combo agradable que alegrará los oídos de gentes acostumbrada a sonidos como los de Fleet Foxes, Dr. Dog o la hornada de seguidores de los Chicos Playeros. El disco se ofrece, además, en espera de su debut en disco grande, gratuitamente en su plataforma BandCamp.

Yuni in Taxco – Yuni in Taxco (Ep, 2010)

“A low-key Thursday at Capitol Hill’s choice Cha Cha lounge proved to be the ideal spot to sit down with local up-and-comers Yuni in Taxco. Amidst the heavily saturated Lucha Libre motif, piñatas and Mexican beer bottle cap décor, the band merely a year old shed some light on their “Yuni”que name and not so signature sound.
After years of admiring each others’ work in various projects, the five consisting of brothers Ross (vocals, guitar) and Bryce (drums), Sean (vocals, guitar), Jim ”the Guru” (bass, slide guitar) and Isaiah (backing vocals, electronics, percussion) found themselves in a collaboration that had Ross proclaiming, “every time we play together it feels refreshing.”
The band name, inspired by a short story penned by Ross about a family friend from his childhood, named Yuni, whom the Beamish brothers described fondly as an “eccentric, free thinking Thai hippie.” The tale follows Yuni on what he “imagined” her adventures to be like coasting along the Acapulco highway spreading her warmth across small Mexican cities such as Taxco. Following Yuni’s lead they sought after a taste of the “exotic” landing in Mexico and becoming “addicted” and enamored by the sounds and culture. This trip became the vehicle that drove them into the studio for their ambitious self titled EP.
Their sound is reminiscent of a time when songs about surfing, cars and girls were filling the airwaves. Beach locations, intricate harmonies and low-fi equipment came together to create an infusion of early Americana and world sounds. Prominent songwriters Sean and Ross contribute different styles ranging from pop catchy hooks to soulful singer/songwriter melodies thoughtfully “glued” together by a diverse rhythm section. Like Yuni on the Acapulco highway, the same sense of spirited abandonment can be found cleverly weaved into their eclectic live show.
Luckily we had the chance to experience this first hand as we headed across the street to enjoy their set at The Comet Tavern. A modest crowd to begin with, swelled and grew more enthusiastic the longer Yuni in Taxco played. Their songs drifted through the space with solid vocals, reverb soaked riffs and nuances of African rhythms. As their set progressed we came to discover that one of the true treasures of this band is Isaiah’s impeccable harmonies, offering a depth of richness not often found in today’s music. This leaves us to believe Yuni in Taxco may be a contender for the perfect soundtrack for summer”

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