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The Modulated Tones: The modulated tones (2012)

Turning On cover art

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El dúo formado por Kevin Braun y Gina Kantner, es decir, The Modulated Tones, acaba de publicar este verano el que es su disco de debut. Un disco que transcurre tortuosamente por ríos de Psicodelia, mantras y demás rituales habituales del género. Son algo así como unos Dean & Britta pero tomando la parte más árida de The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Si D&B toman de la Velvet Underground su parte más conceptual, éstos toman sin duda la parte más oscura.
The Modulated Tones resulta un disco arduo, difícil, y, como decía, áspero, demasiado para mi gusto. Grabado sin duda con pocas tomas y no demasiadas posibilidades, oírlo del tirón requiere de un cierto esfuerzo por tu parte.
Puedes oírlo y disfrutarlo en su Bandcamp, poniendo el precio que consideres oportuno.


“Kevin Braun and Gina Kanter are The Modulated Tones, a fuzzy, psychedelic duo who sound a lot like what The Velvet Underground would be doing today if its members stuck around to experience ’80s shoegaze. The twosome released its debut EP, “Turning On,” this month, and it is a collection of seven mind-bending, feedback-laden jams they call “the musical equivalent of a hash joint; or several.” With screeching guitars, Braun’s droning, Lou Reed-esque vocals and some noisy, spacey sounds in between, the release feels like a dark and magical ride through sonic space.
“Day Tripper” is the perfect introduction track to “Turning On,” as the band sets a clear mood with experimental guitars and soft, noisy cymbals. The tune makes way for a more far-out number, “And Then My Mind Split Open,” a weird, echo-centric number that is sure to alter a few states. Next is the track the disc is named after, “Turning On.” Kanter’s muffled vocals sound like conversations in an underground cave against ominous noise that mutes her words in an artsy fashion. The disc’s third song is a little easier for the casual listener to swallow. “Dope” doesn’t skimp out on the duo’s feedback-rich aesthetic, and it’s a purely instrumental track that sets the tone for “Kids Don’t Live Enough,” a darker jam with sparse, dirge-like vocals.
The sixth tune on the disc is like the response to the call of “Day Tripper,” aptly titled “Night Tripper,” and sounding much more haunting than the EP’s opening track. There is plenty of shoegaze-inspired tones and deep experimentation happening on this release, and it is evident in its last two tracks. 
“Convergence” closes the EP with heavy helpings of distortion and feedback with some oddly placed, sci fi sounds tossed in while the song waxes and wanes in unpredictable patterns. It’s clear that “Turning On” is meant to act as a soundtrack to a sensual experience rather than something to hum along to. Slip on your headphones and get lost in the sonic signals The Modulated Tones are sending from another galaxy” (

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