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Lucecitas – AZURE BLUE: Fast falls the eventide (Matinée Recordings, 2018)

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“Sensational fourth album ‘Fast Falls The Eventide’ from Sweden’s Azure Blue! Across eleven impressive tracks, the sound is darker than on previous releases with more synths and electronic flourishes but with the same timeless melodies and dreamy moods that we have come to associate with Azure Blue.
The album presents a sonic tale about being true to yourself and the neon colors explode as rushing minimal wave tempos meet slowly floating cinematic scenes about new love. Tobias Isaksson has produced, played, and mixed nearly every detail of the album himself in the studio in Stockholm from a stubborn dogma of a sound palette where the hard and rough meets the beautiful and ethereal.
Highlights include the stunning first single ‘Whatever ‘18’, the sophisticated ‘Crimson Red,’ the new indie classic ‘My Final Candle,’ the positively catchy ‘Don’t Turn Me On,’ and the old school synth pop of ‘Erratic Motion.’ Several tracks include guest vocalists including notable Swedish artists Peter Morén (Peter Bjorn & John), The Land Below, Paola, César Vidal (Caesars), Julia Boman, and Tangela.
Absolutely contemporary and undeniably cool, ‘Fast Falls The Eventide’ is an impressive, moody, moving progression from one of Sweden’s most internationally acclaimed indie artists” (Matinée Recordings)

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Azure Blue: Beyond The Dreams There’s Infinite Doubt (Matinée Recordings, 2013)

Azure Blue - Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt sampler

Una de las últimas referencias del sello californiano Matinée Recordings es este segundo álbum de Azure Blue (Tobias Isaksson). Un compendio de buen hacer dentro del Dream-Pop / Synth-Pop. Un bonito disco lleno de sensibilidad y amor por las canciones bien hechas.

 “The sophomore Azure Blue album ‘Beyond The Dreams There’s Infinite Doubt’ builds on the tremendous success of the debut album with highly personal and deeply romantic songwriting bathed in especially polished production.
Lead single ‘The Road I Know’ has been described as “a cacophony of vintage synthesizers battling for attention over a bed of whiplash electronic drums, all toned down by Tobias Isaksson’s romantic, softly delivered vocals.” The song is incredibly melodic and majestic all at once and recalls the magnificence of the Pet Shop Boys or New Order at their very best.
Among many album highlights, opening track ‘Time Is On Our Side’ showcases Tobias’ elegant, warm vocals set to ambitiously sweeping instrumentation, while ‘Willows and Pines’ displays a downbeat splendor of captivating electronica and ‘Sunset’ is a hypnotic and especially ebullient masterpiece that sparkles in all the right places.
Azure Blue perfectly documents a romantic searcher struggling to remain a modern gentleman in the ever changing world of pop culture, and ‘Beyond The Dreams There’s Infinite Doubt’ is another intelligent, rich, and timeless record for the masses” (Matinée Recordings)

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