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Adocenamiento – DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE: Northern lights (Japanesse Wallpaper Remix, 2019) / Thank you for today (Wea, 2018)

Thank You for Today

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Lejos quedan ya los sonidos indies y el encanto minoritario de una banda como DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, que, probable y definitivamente, haya enterrado con este noveno álbum sus mejores armas compositivas y musicales. Cuando un grupo se adocena al punto de recordar lo peor de los ochenta (también esos horribles sintes) e incluso de bandas hoy por hoy tan insulsas como los Coldplay más comerciales, poco más hay que decir. La producción de este disco es tan aséptica deja tan poco a la emoción, que no merece la pena dedicarle más espacio. Otras bandas llegarán…

“With Thank You for Today, Ben Gibbard moves Death Cab for Cutie into a new phase, one that reflects his newly minted middle age and one without Chris Walla. It’s a new beginning, but one that announces itself with a whisper. Thank You for Today simmers in a fashion that’s not unfamiliar toDeath Cab, but there’s a definition to the composition and production of its ten songs that keeps the album far from the reaches of mood music. Make no mistake, Thank You for Today still casts a specific spell — one that’s supple yet subtle, music that feels as cozy as a warm bath yet has a quiet urgency derived from Gibbard taking stock of how the world has changed around him. Gibbard doesn’t shy away from all of the issues familiar to a modern American urbanite, musing about gentrification and loves old and new, all from a vantage point of somebody who is comfortable about where he’s at but knows what’s been lost. This results in an album where the melancholy is bittersweet, not all-consuming, which means Thank You for Today is softly reassuring even when its intent is lightly barbed” (AllMusic)

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