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Sourpatch: You knew / Let´s be educated (Wiaiwya, 2013)


El día de hoy va de singles. Y de singles pegajosos cual goma de mascar. Temas tremendos de los que no te puedes despegar durante un buen rato.
El primero de ellos es de Sourpatch, una banda de San Diego, California, que resume en estos dos temas (casi) toda la esencia del Fuzz-Pop que tanto nos gusta, aderezándolo con gotitas del C86 y de Indie noventero dando como resultado en You knew una mezcla absolutamente deliciosa. Auténtica gominola de fresa ácida.
Let´s be educated es un tema más pausado que de alguna forma me evoca como os decía a bandas de los noventa tipo The Delgados (“Sourpatch endorses a gender freeing, queer positive, feminist thinking, body positive, crush worthy lifestyle!“)
En esa frase queda resumida toda la esencia que este quinteto puede ofrecer. Puedes descargarte el tema por lo que te cuesta un billete de autobús desde el Bandcamp de su compañía, otra clásica en TJB: Wiaiwya (Where is at is Where you are), que ha editado este sencillo también en vinilo de 7 pulgadas.


Sourpatch is a four piece 90’s pop-worship ensemble from San Jose, Ca—-whose songs talk of (but aren’t limited to) crushes painfully hopeless, awkwardly awesome and feelings of the like. Formed from a mutual love of songs about unbearably impossible romances, Sourpatch channels the 90’s Northwest sound and in vein of bands like Velocity Girl, Tiger Trap, Rocketship, Boyracer, Cub, Heavenly, Go Sailor, Black Tambourine, and so many 90’s west coast babes! or any number of female/queer punk groups on the roster of Spin Art, Slumberland, Chainsaw & K records in the ’90s” (Facebook)
you will fall in love with Sourpatch; completely, joyously, unconditionally, justifiably, eternally, and imminently…
Sourpatch have a new single, the double A-side “You Knew” and “Let’s Get Educated”
Sourpatch is a four piece pop-worshiping ensemble from San Jose, Ca.
Sourpatch endorse a gender freeing, queer positive, feminist thinking, body positive, crush worthy lifestyle!
Sourpatch is a band, a gang, a movement, a resource, a PARTY, an inspiration, a TOUR DE FORCE.
Sourpatch love you as much as you love them, sometimes more so
Sourpatch have TUNES… so, so many tunes
Sourpatch embrace the ethics of Dischord, the attitude of Kill Rock Stars, the geography of Beserkley, the tunes of Lookout!, the patronage of Happy Happy Birthday To Me, and the records they have all released
Sourpatch have CHORUSES… such great, sing-along, choruses.
Sourpatch’s record collection includes (but is not limited to) C86 bands, Pacific-Northwest riot grrrl, pop and indie, grind and ’90s hardcore… and this week’s top 40.
Sourpatch is best enjoyed LOUD… no… LOUDER!
Sourpatch thank you, and ask that you tidy up after yourself ” (Wiaiwya)

Facebook / Cómpralo-Purchase / Sourpatch Official / Wiaiwya

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