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Thieving Irons: Poison in my head (Single, 2012)

Poison cover art

Un nuevo sencillo para Thieving Irons, el proyecto liderado por Nate Martinez, músico de Brooklyn quien en Junio publica su nuevo álbum: Behold, this dreamer (2012). Un bonito tema de Chamber-Pop con reflexión incluida:

“Much of the album lies within personal exploration, and the track “Poison” fortifies that narrative. During the song, Martinez repeats the lyrics, “I’ve got poison in my head” and “I’ll lift you up when we fall down into the bottom of the sound,” lending a glimmer of hope that makes the song far less daunting than originally perceived. Instead, the metaphor reveals how human nature deals with submersion” (

Thieving Irons – Poison in my head (Single, 2012)

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