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Manic Street Preachers: I´m leaving you for solitude (It´s not the war just the end of Love, B-Side, Single, 2010)

Manic Street Preachers editan en breve nuevo disco: Postcards from a youg man (2010). El décimo de su ya dilatada carrera, que ha estado salpicada de ciertos altibajos pero que les ha mantenido en el candelero de la actualidad musical permitiéndose saltarse modas y movimientos. Cuando llegamos a este punto de la carrera de un grupo la verdad es que no esperamos absolutamente nada nuevo ni original, y en este caso así es, pero es que facturar temas como este I´m leaving you for solitude (cara B del single It´s not war Just the end of Love (2010), tiene su mérito. Un perfecto ejercicio de Chamber-Pop mezclado con cierta elegancia y ese toque épico que los Preachers le dan a buena parte de su discografía. Buen tema que puede adelantarnos un buen disco. La canción la encuentras en descarga legal gratuita pinchando aquí. El disco aparece el próximo Septiembre.

Manic Street Preachers – I´m leaving you for solitude (2010)

Postcards From A Young Man’ may be their best yet. Or if that seems like heresy (and it even does to me), then let’s say it is right up there with their best. A very different record than, say, ‘Journal For Plague Lovers’ or ‘The Holy Bible’, it stands not in contradiction to those cold masterpieces but in concert with them. Defiantly, unapologetically bold and forthright and communicative, it makes the head swim with both the thrill of its tunes and its theories (always a heady Manics mix) and burns with that raging melancholia that has always been unique to them. As James Dean Bradfield says “We’ve always had it. If you look at the lyric to Motorcycle Emptiness, it could be sung in some cold Teutonic way. But we’ve never been that kind of band. We want that sense of uplift somehow. We still feel there’s an eloquence in screaming, that these feelings can make you feel good, they can empower you.” Nicky Wire adds, “Someone once said that most men only ever write two great novels and you end up repeating them. There are two versions of this band maybe. There’s the ‘Journal’ and ‘Bible’ version and then there’s this version. That over the top hysterical dignity, that flash of intelligence. There’s something glorious in celebrating what we really are. Our peers are gone. It’s up to us.”
The Manics still believe in the power of art to transform and liberate, and, devalued and traduced though it is, they still keep faith with their favoured corner of it, the mongrel infant called rock and roll. As passionate and engaged as they are with politics, art, poetry, philosophy, film, sport and literature, they still believe there is something important, privileged, noble even about the mass platform and potency of the rock band, whatever the naysayers and experts think. “It would never occur to me” says James “to comment on the economics of the art world or of publishing, I wouldn’t lecture someone who thatches roofs about their industry. And yet every news programme and business correspondent is always giving his expert opinion on the music business and how it’s finished. It drives you to write. This faint notion that you’re defending the art”
“When you look at most bands” says Nicky “By the time they get to their tenth album, people may still come to the shows but everyone knows that the albums have been rubbish for years. If you’re an ‘artist’ everyone goes to the Royal Festival Hall to see you and thinks it’s marvellous. But no-one listens to your new record. Well, that’s not good enough for us. From the moment we started, we wanted the biggest number of people to hear what we had to say. We want to hear these records on the radio. Everyone is talking about the death of the rock business. I don’t know. But if it is, this is a last shot of mass communication.”
‘Postcards From A Young Man’ was recorded in the Manics own studio in Cardiff with long time producer/collaborator Dave Eringa and mixed in LA with Chris Lord-Alge”

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