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The Casket Girls: True love kills the fairy tale (2014)

The Casket Girls - True Love Kills the Fairy Tale cover art

Shoegaze melódico o Shoegaze vocal. No sé, estas chicas me recuerdan algo así a unas Shangri-Las con pedales de distorsión y cierto envoltorio electrónico. Sé que es un disparate de comparación, pero echadle un oído y me contáis…

“Phaedra and Elsa had filled the disc with lilting, almost whimsical melodies about chemical hazes and love gone sour like a couple of fucked up Shangri-las, to which Graveface added a bevy of grinding, multi-dimensional psych-rock keys that will be familiar to anyone with a Graveface LP in their collection. The title track speaks like an unknown voice in a lucid dream – perhaps the one that conveyed these songs through the veil in the first place -beckoning, “True love kills the fairy tale… until heart and lungs fail.” It’s this twisted and comforting charm, which set in motion the Graveface-Greene love affair in the first place, that relieves us from fear”

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