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Modern Charms: Modern Charms (Clue #2 Records, 2013)

Modern Charms cover art

Modern Charms: Modern Charms (2013)

Bliss Pop

Modern Charms sacan todo su encanto a relucir y todo su arsenal de guitarras para teletransportarnos a un breve viaje hasta los años noventa, rescatando sonoridades Shoegazers y guitarras Grunge, mezclándolas y relizando una mixtura exquisita…
¿Acaso no os recuerda su portada a aquella inquietante serie con Laura Palmer de protagonista…?

Modern Charms are a trio formed in San Francisco, California, with geographical tendrils spreading outward to the Pacific Northwest, and far-reaching aesthetic roots in dream pop and blissed-out fuzz rock. Their debut recording glides through six tracks of gorgeous guitar damage and crystalline female melodies, soaked in the grey marine layers of Ocean Beach in San Francisco where much of this record was composed, two streets back in a suburban model home. Modern Charms temper atmospherics with confidence and clarity to sweetly excoriate your eardrums” (Facebook)

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