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The Thieves from the North: I´m like a child (Single, 2012)

Los suecos de Birds Will Sing for You están que lo tiran, y no paran de anunciar nuevas referencias. En esta ocasión se trata del combo de Dream-Folk The Thieves from the North, una agrupación sueca de esas que facturan ese sonido tan amable y amigable que crean una rápida empatía hacia ellos. Los silbiditos que acompañan al tema, además, contribuyen a crear esa atmósfera tan cercana. Puedes descargar el tema desde el Soundcloud que acompaño.

“The Thieves From The North hail from northern Sweden and their sound is a dreamy blend of 60’s & 70’s progressive pop/rock and modern melodic folk.
After it was noted that the band members were present on several occasions when things mysteriously disappeared from various tour venues, studios and hotel rooms, they jokingly started referring to themselves as The Thieves. The name stuck and the rest is history.
In maj 2012 they will release their second album What It Is, What It Was, What It Shall Be on the Lucky Duck label” (


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